135M Lifeline for Patients With Neglected Bleeding Disorders: Hemab Comes to the Rescue!

Hemab Therapeutics has secured a whopping $135 million in its Series B funding round, significantly surpassing its target and paving the way for new treatments for rare bleeding disorders. The Boston- and Copenhagen-based biotech is excited to move forward with its mission of providing innovative treatments for these often overlooked conditions.

Last fall, CSL Behring and partner uniQure made history with the first-ever gene therapy approved for hemophilia B. Dubbed Hemgenix, the therapy carries the title of the world’s most expensive medicine with a price tag of $3.5 million, signifying a major breakthrough in the treatment of hemophilia A and B that have long been the focus of extensive R&D.

BioMarin is eagerly awaiting approval from the FDA for their innovative gene therapy, already available in the EU, which is designed to treat severe forms of hemophilia A. This breakthrough therapy has immense potential to revolutionize the way this condition is treated and could bring hope to countless individuals suffering from this rare disorder.

Hemab CEO Benny Sorensen believes that the lesser-known severe bleeding and thrombotic disorders have been long-neglected. To help address this issue, Hemab is committed to providing innovative solutions that will act as a “leapfrog” for these patients, who have not seen true treatment advancements in years.

HMB-001, the lead asset of a Phase I/II study for Glanzmann Thrombasthenia, is an innovative bispecific antibody that works to help the blood clot. It binds to, stabilizes and recruits factor VIIa at the site of vascular injury, enabling enhanced clotting and an improved healing process.

HMB-001, from Hemab’s impressive pipeline, is set to revolutionize the treatment of bleeding and thrombotic disorders with its prophylactic therapeutics. Promising data is expected to be released in the second half of 2023, paving the way for a new era of treatment for these conditions.

Glanzmann bleeding presents an immense challenge to sufferers, particularly girls and women of menstrual age, as the condition causes more than half of patients to bleed one or more times a day. This leads to severe iron deficiency, fatigue, and even low mood. According to Sorensen, the frequency of Glanzmann bleeding is ten times higher than that of hemophilia A and B, making it a unique and difficult condition to manage.

HMB-VWF, the second program developed by HemoShear, is on track to revolutionize the treatment of Von Willebrand disease, the most common bleeding disorder. After half a century with little to no progress in this area, HMB-VWF is expected to enter the clinical phase in 2024 and could potentially transform how VWD is managed.

For those living with hemophilia, every single bleed event can be transformative to their quality of life. With that in mind, Dr. Sorensen, who has been dedicated to researching thrombosis and hemostasis for two decades, is advocating for a prophylactic approach to dramatically reduce bleed events. With this approach, patients can finally find some respite from the constant worry and stress of uncontrolled bleeding.

At Hemab, the small yet experienced team of 15 full-time staff have been involved with more than half of all drugs developed in the space. Led by Sorensen, the team has a wealth of knowledge and expertise to draw from. Their contributions have helped shape the landscape of drug development and set the standard for success.

When it came to investing in Access Biotechnology, managing director Dan Becker saw the team’s experience and the potential to help an underserved population as the ideal opportunity. Not only did this “check all the boxes,” but it also presented an opportunity to make a significant difference. As part of the transaction, Becker will be joining Hemab’s board.

This latest round of funding for Access was led by Novo Holdings, RA Capital Management and HealthCap, and was joined by new investors Deep Track Capital, Avoro Capital, Invus, and more. This investment marks an exciting new chapter in Access’ growth story and further reflects the confidence investors have in the company’s mission to make healthcare more accessible.

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