A Clean Slate for Wounds: VeriCyn® Wound Wash Gains FDA Clearance

Today, Armis Biopharma, Inc. announced a major breakthrough – the VeriCyn® Wound Wash medical device, now cleared by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). This revolutionary new wound care solution is skin-friendly and chlorine and surfactant free, and can be used with a manual lavage system to gently cleanse and remove micro-organisms, debris, and foreign material from stage I-IV pressure ulcers, diabetic foot ulcers, post-surgical wounds, first degree and partial thickness burns, and grafted and donor sites. VeriCyn® Wound Wash is the first of its kind, offering a goal-oriented and highly effective wound care solution to those in need.

With its revolutionary, skin-friendly solution, VeriCyn®, Armis Biopharma is changing the landscape of wound care. As the only wound cleanser on the market free of chlorine, alcohol, and surfactants, VeriCyn® is significantly less irritating than other currently available products, giving patients a more comfortable wound therapy experience. Ted Ziemann, Chairman and CEO of Armis Biopharma, is proud to offer this groundbreaking solution to the healthcare community.

In recent years, the need for advanced wound care products has grown drastically due to the soaring number of surgical cases and chronic diseases across the globe. To make things even worse, sedentary lifestyle habits have led to an alarming increase in diabetes, intensifying the demand for skin-friendly wound care solutions.

As per Global Market Insights, Inc., the global wound care market size was valued at USD 21.4 billion in 2022 and is projected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 4.15% from 2023 to 2030. The U.S. alone accounted for a staggering 45.4% share of the market in 2022 and is likely to experience significant growth within the next 5 years.

About Armis Biopharma

Armis Biopharma, Inc is unlocking the potential of life-saving science to protect and save lives! Based in Fort Collins, CO, the ambitious biopharmaceutical company specializes in developing and commercializing products to reduce the risk of infectious disease, decontaminate chemical warfare agents, and provide advanced medical devices.

Through diligent research and development, the organization is dedicated to improving surface disinfection, human and animal wound care, oral care, food safety, and decontaminating chemical and biological warfare agents to ensure the lasting health of people around the world.

Armis is changing the game with its incredible disinfecting solutions! In June 2020, they launched ArmiClenz®, their first antimicrobial surface disinfectant. That was just the beginning of the Armis product portfolio – they’ve broken the mold with VeriFixx® Small Bone Implant (November 2020), ArmiCare® hand sanitizer (2021), ArmiVET® Animal Wound Wash (2021), and ArmiGard™ cleanser for oral devices (2022). Even more is to come in 2024, when VeriCyn® joins the portfolio. Get ready to experience the amazing power of Armis

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