A New Chapter Unfolds: Dr. Felix Baader and Roland Diggelmann Join Berlin Heals’ Board, Embarking on the Grand Finale of CE Study”

Whispers of Innovation: A Symphony from Zurich’s Heart

ZUG, Switzerland, August 22, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Amidst the Echoing Chimes of Swiss Precision, Berlin Heals Holding AG, a Luminary in Medical Enchantment, Takes Center Stage. A Pioneering Proclamation Resounds: Dr. Felix Baader and Roland Diggelmann, Visionaries in the Medtech Tapestry, Grace the Halls as New Maestros of the Board.

From the Seed of 2014, the Company Nursed a Marvelous Secret – a Revelation in Heart Healing. In the Realm of Heartbeats, Berlin Heals Forged a Spellbinding Symphony of Cure, Unveiled in a Groundbreaking Dance with Heart Failure. The First Humans’ Ballet of Success Spurred Them Onward to a Grand CE Gala – the Approval Quest for Their Patented Elixir.

“Behold,” Dr. Ulf Berg, the Chairman, Declares, “Two Stars Descend, Bearing Wisdom and Vision, to Illuminate Berlin Heals’ Firmament.” A Cosmic Alchemy Unfolds, Guided by Dr. Baader’s and Mr. Diggelmann’s Expertise, Painted Across Vast Medtech Constellations. Their Arrival Aligns with the Crescendo of CE Certification, a Triumph to Emerge by 2024’s Swan Song. A Duo of Excellence in the Heartbeat of Progress.

Dr. Felix Baader’s Whisper Rings: “I Step into the Stage’s Limelight, Amidst Hearts Transformed.” With a Crown of Experience, He Marched Through Health Tech’s Ranks: Roche Diagnostics, Biotronik, Philips – His Epic Tale Woven with Mastery. Board Mandates and Ventures Followed, Each Note a Symphony of Wisdom and Foresight.

Roland Diggelmann’s Anthem Resounds: “Berlin Heals Holds the Key to Change Hearts’ Fate.” With CEO Laurels and Medtech Lore, His Echoes Reverberate Through Roche Diagnostics and Smith & Nephew’s Chronicles. His Baton of Strategy Conducts M&A Marvels, A Maestro in Medtech’s Orchestra of Transformation.

Berlin Heals’ Tapestry Weaves a Legend: Born from Heart’s Yearning, Nurtured by Innovation. In the Weave of Time, Dr. Johannes Müller and Marko Bagaric, Masters of Medicine and Enterprise, Wove “C-MIC,” a Sonnet of Hope for Hearts in Need. A Microcurrent’s Waltz, Swiftly Healing Inflammation’s Woes in the Heart’s Chamber.

The Symphony of C-MIC Enchants: Healing Hearts, One Beat at a Time. Patient Warriors, to the Tune of 60%, Join the CE Odyssey. 35 C-MIC Miracles Engraved in Flesh, A Canvas of Promise Painted by the Healing Quill.

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