A New Dawn for ALS Warriors: Mitsubishi Tanabe Pharma Canada Welcomes British Columbia’s Embrace of Innovative Oral Treatment in the Battle Against Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis

TORONTO, Aug. 18, 2023 /CNW/ – A Ray of Hope Pierces the Horizon: Mitsubishi Tanabe Pharma Canada (MTP-CA), a Proud Offspring of Mitsubishi Tanabe Pharma America, Inc. (MTPA), Unveils a Triumph – RADICAVA® Oral Suspension (edaravone) Earns its Place in the Embrace of British Columbia PharmaCare’s (Special Authority) Coverage. A Gesture of Support for the Warriors Battling the Fierce Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS), a Swift and Ruthless Neurodegenerative Foe.

Andy Zylak, the Maestro of MTP-CA, Extends Gratitude to the Government of British Columbia, Unveiling RADICAVA®’s Gift to Those Eligible for PharmaCare’s Embrace. The ALS Community Gains a Symphony of Relief, as the Battle for Access Continues to Echo in the Halls of Decision Makers.

The Story Unfolds: RADICAVA®’s Trail of Effectiveness Traced Through a Dance of Bioavailability, Equating its Oral Elixir to its Intravenous Kin. With Health Canada’s Blessing in October 2018, RADICAVA® IV Joined the Battle, Unveiling a 33% Slowdown in the Wrenching Loss of Physical Function for ALS Warriors. The IV Infusion Marches Boldly Across Canada’s Provinces, Territories, and Benevolent Agencies, Offering a Lifeline to Those in Need.

The Tapestry of ALS in Canada, Woven with Threads of Resilience and Challenges: 3,000 Brave Hearts Tread the ALS Path, where Nerve Cells Falter in the Face of Incurable Strife. A Battle Against Time, as Two to Five Years Stand Before the Shadows. Amidst the Storm, Diagnosis Takes its Time, 21 Months – a Wrenching Wait.

Wendy Toyer, the Echo of ALS Society of British Columbia, Rallies for Equity, Urging Swift Access to Vital Options. British Columbia Leads the Way, Championing RADICAVA®’s Reimbursement. The Call Resonates Across Provinces, a Plea for Equal Opportunity.

Beyond the Borders of British Columbia, the Symphony of RADICAVA® Resonates: Ontario, Alberta, Québec Join the Chorus of Support. Private Plans Stand by, Pledging their Aid. MTP-CA’s Crusade Marches On, Seeking the Tapestry’s Expansion Across the Lands – Additional Publicly Funded Programs Await, Eager to Embrace the Triumph of RADICAVA® Oral Suspension.

About RADICAVA® IV and RADICAVA® Oral Suspension (edaravone)

From Discovery to Triumph: A Tale of RADICAVA®’s Journey in the Fight Against ALS Unfolds. The Genesis in the Halls of Mitsubishi Tanabe Pharma Corporation (MTPC), Crafting Edaravone as a Lifeline for ALS Warriors. A Marathon of Development Spanning 13 Years, the Symphonic Creation of Hope Emerges.

The Symphony’s Crescendo: 2015 Marks the Birth of Edaravone’s Victory Dance, Japan and South Korea Bestowing their Blessings. Across Oceans, RADICAVA® Gains the FDA’s Nod in 2017, Taking its Place as a Warrior in the ALS Battle. Nations Join the Chorus of Approval: Canada, Switzerland, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia – Their Stage Opens, Welcoming RADICAVA® IV Infusion to the Fight.

A New Verse Emerges: 2022, A Shimmering Moment as RADICAVA® ORS (edaravone) Grasps the U.S. FDA’s Hand. November 2022 Unveils Canada’s Nod, Welcoming RADICAVA® Oral Suspension (edaravone) to its Ranks. From Seed to Blossom, the Tale Echoes: RADICAVA®’s Journey, a Dance of Endurance and Triumph, Lighting the Path for ALS Warriors.

About Mitsubishi Tanabe Pharma Canada, Inc.

Nestled in Toronto’s Heartbeat, Mitsubishi Tanabe Pharma Canada, Inc. (MTP-CA) Takes Center Stage. A Kin of Mitsubishi Tanabe Pharma America, Inc. (MTPA), MTP-CA’s Vision Reaches for the Stars – Crafting Healing Tapestries for the Toughest Foes, including the Formidable ALS.

About Mitsubishi Tanabe Pharma America, Inc.

In the Heart of Jersey City’s Buzzing Pulse, Mitsubishi Tanabe Pharma America, Inc. (MTPA) Claims its Throne. A Proud Offspring of Mitsubishi Tanabe Pharma Corporation (MTPC), MTPA’s Tale Unfolds. Born to Forge New Pathways, Breathing Life into Dreams – Nurturing a Pipeline of Promise and Breathing Life into Approved Treasures Across North America’s Shores.

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