A New Era Unveiled: Shlomi Nachman Joins Expanse Medical’s Board of Directors

Embarking on a Trail of Innovation: Shlomi Nachman Joins Expanse Medical’s Board of Visionaries

PLEASANTON, Calif., Aug. 21, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Expanse Medical, the trailblazing incubator redefining medical evolution under the visionary Eitan Konstantino, celebrates a luminous addition to its saga. Shlomi Nachman steps onto the stage of Expanse’s Board of Directors and the helm of its offspring, Expanse ICE, infusing a new energy into this global beacon of innovation. A trailblazer in his own right, Mr. Nachman’s footsteps bear the imprints of his exceptional journey as Johnson & Johnson Company Group Chairman of Cardiovascular & Specialty Solutions and Vision.

Expanse Medical, a crucible of cross-continental ingenuity, is unyielding in its commitment to ushering in the dawn of medical marvels. Hand in hand with its ally, Genesis Medtech, this incubator stands poised at the precipice of medical device landscapes, its finger on the pulse of innovation.

Eitan Konstantino, the very heartbeat of Expanse Medical, exclaims, “Our vision has always been to nurture global medical brilliance. With Shlomi as our guide, our commitment takes flight. His unparalleled expertise is the wind beneath our wings, propelling us toward international horizons.”

Shlomi Nachman gracefully accepts his role, pronouncing, “Innovation is boundless, and I’m thrilled to unite with Expanse Medical—a home for groundbreaking ideas emerging from every corner of the world.”

Warren Wang, the orchestrator of Genesis Medtech’s symphony, adds, “Our alliance with Expanse Medical thrives on shared passion for global excellence. Shlomi’s addition solidifies our belief in the transformative symphony of our collaboration.”

Expanse Medical stands on the brink of an era electrified by the brilliance of Shlomi Nachman, a conductor of knowledge, an architect of expertise, a luminary who will illuminate the board’s path.

About Expanse Medical:

At the helm of innovation, Expanse Medical stands as a trailblazing sanctuary for groundbreaking medical devices, a realm forged by the visionary Eitan Konstantino. Fueling the fire of disruption, Expanse forms a symphony of collaboration, uniting industry titans, brilliant clinicians, and scholarly researchers in a quest to unearth revolutionary medical marvels destined for global acclaim.

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