AACR Unveils Remarkable Preclinical Results: TG6050 Oncolytic Virus Shown to Trigger Tumor Regression and Immune System Boost!

At the American Association for Cancer Research (AACR) Annual Meeting, Transgene (Euronext Paris: TNG), a biotech company with a mission to develop virus-based immunotherapies to fight cancer, presented groundbreaking preclinical data on its novel oncolytic virus TG6050. The results showed great promise as an innovative and potentially life-saving treatment and were met with enthusiastic response from the cancer research community.

The TG6050 treatment is remarkably effective in combating tumors. Not only does it produce IL-12 and anti-CTLA4 antibody within the tumor, it also triggers both innate and adaptive immune responses to eliminate the cancer cells. The data on its efficacy are truly impressive and demonstrate the incredible power of TG6050 in fighting cancer.

TG6050 is a cutting-edge, clinical-stage oncolytic virus that promises to revolutionize cancer treatment. Developed from the Invir.IO® platform, it has been engineered to encode human IL-12 and a full-length anti-CTLA4 antibody. This viral vector has been proven safe and effective in humans, replicating and expressing payloads in tumor tissues to help fight cancer.

The poster presented the following key results:

TG6050, a murine version of IL-12, has been found to be successfully administered both intravenously and intratumorally, leading to sustained expression of IL-12 in tumors. Moreover, the levels of functioning IL-12 in the tumor reach active concentrations, while maintaining low systemic exposure – a result that has been deemed encouraging.

The mTG6050 treatment revolutionized the fight against cancer by significantly increasing the power of T cells to recognize and destroy cancerous cells. This breakthrough has been a major step forward in the quest to find effective treatments for cancer.

Our transcriptomic and immunological studies reveal a remarkable transformation of the tumor microenvironment, triggering the activation of a myriad of innate and adaptive immune pathways. This remarkable remodeling highlights the potential of harnessing immunological dynamics to assist in the fight against cancer.

In several mice models, mTG6050 showed remarkable anti-tumor efficacy, providing exciting promise for the potential of this treatment.

Transgene is proud to announce the initiation of the Phase I Delivir trial for their novel oncolytic virus, TG6050, which has been designed to generate both innate and adaptive immune responses. TG6050 encodes IL-12 and an anti-CTLA4, and based on the promising pre-clinical findings, the company is confident that it could become a new standard of care for patients with solid tumors.

Hedi Ben Brahim, Transgene’s CEO, expressed his enthusiasm for the development of TG6050, stating that “We are confident that by generating similar effects in humans, TG6050 could become a new standard of care in patients with solid tumors.”

The groundbreaking Phase I Delivir trial is now underway, offering hope to patients with metastatic and recurring non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC). Launched in 2023, the trial is enrolling participants with the potential to revolutionize the treatment of this devastating disease.

At AACR 2023, Transgene will showcase the potential of its viral vectors as a revolutionary treatment for solid tumors with a series of eight captivating posters. These presentations will provide an in-depth look at the Company’s powerful and innovative approach to cancer therapy.

About TG6050

TG6050 is Transgene’s oncolytic virus: a powerful weapon in the fight against cancer. Developed with the patented Invir.IO® platform, TG6050 is optimized to deliver human IL-12 and a full length anti-CTLA4 antibody directly to the tumor microenvironment, triggering a powerful antitumor immune response.

By delivering these immunotherapies locally and selectively, TG6050 can achieve high intratumoral concentrations while reducing systemic exposure, maximizing efficacy and safety in advanced NSCLC patients.

About the Delivir trial (NCT: 05788926)

The Delivir trial is an exciting, groundbreaking Phase I study examining the potential of TG6050 as a single-agent treatment for metastatic/advanced non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC). With up to 36 participants, this open-label, dose-escalation trial seeks to discover the optimal dosage and schedule of administration of TG6050 for future clinical trials.

Those enrolled will have already been through standard therapeutic options, including immunotherapies such as immune checkpoint inhibitors, and are now looking for a new hope in the form of TG6050.

About Transgene

Transgene is revolutionizing the fight against cancer with its innovative targeted immunotherapies. Drawing on the power of viral vector technology, the company is developing treatments that can directly or indirectly eliminate cancer cells. With Transgene’s cutting-edge approach, cancer patients across the world can hope for a better tomorrow.

The Company’s cutting-edge clinical-stage programs are comprised of a diverse range of therapeutic vaccines and oncolytic viruses, representing a powerful arsenal against a range of diseases.

Tessa Therapeutics is leading the way in developing innovative therapies for cancer treatment. The company’s myvac® platform provides the foundation for TG4050, the world’s first individualized therapeutic vaccine, designed to target HPV-positive cancers. In addition, TG4001, TG6002, BT-001 and TG6050, all based on the Invir.IO® viral backbone, are powerful oncolytic viruses with the potential to revolutionize cancer treatment.

Transgene’s myvac® platform revolutionizes the field of precision medicine with its innovative immunotherapy, uniquely tailored to each individual. This virus-based therapy is made possible through Artificial Intelligence capabilities provided by their partner NEC, which are used to identify and select patient-specific mutations. myvac® is set to revolutionize immunotherapy, providing a highly personalized approach to treating disease.

Transgene is pioneering a new generation of multifunctional oncolytic viruses with its proprietary platform Invir.IO®. This cutting-edge technology has enabled Transgene to form a collaboration with AstraZeneca, highlighting the potential of Invir.IO® to revolutionize the field of oncolytic virus engineering.

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