AbbVie and Calibr Team Up to Turbocharge Preclinical and Clinical Developments

AbbVie (NYSE: ABBV) and Calibr are pleased to announce an expansion of their successful strategic collaboration, which aims to develop innovative therapeutics across AbbVie’s core growth areas of immunology, oncology, neuroscience and other areas.

The partnership is a continuation of AbbVie and Scripps Research’s work which began back in 2019 to create novel treatments for a range of conditions. This collaboration brings AbbVie’s and Calibr’s expertise together to advance preclinical and early-stage clinical assets.

AbbVie is excited to join forces with Calibr to explore and develop novel technologies, preclinical and clinical programs, and novel clinical indications that may lead to breakthrough medicines and a better future for patients.

With significant progress made across small molecule, biologics and CAR-T modalities, AbbVie’s senior vice president of research and development, Thomas Hudson M.D., stated, “we are committed to advancing these programs with urgency, to bring more therapeutic options to those who need them most.”

Calibr and AbbVie are joining forces to further develop a variety of programs ranging from preclinical studies to IND stages. Additionally, Calibr will give AbbVie the opportunity to evaluate and consider promising new discoveries and preclinical assets for future collaborations.

The expansion of AbbVie’s partnership with Scripps Research represents a giant leap forward in our mission to turn scientific insights and breakthroughs into tangible, clinically validated drugs. For years, the two have enjoyed a successful relationship that has produced four clinical stage programs, and this move only looks to further strengthen the ties between industry and non-profit research and development. With the help of AbbVie, our journey to finding treatments for numerous diseases is sure to be a rewarding one.

AbbVie has entered into a five-year agreement with Calibr to develop and commercialize potential therapies arising from Calibr’s preclinical research. If AbbVie exercises its option to a program, Calibr stands to receive option exercise fees, development and commercial milestone payments, and tiered royalty payments. This partnership presents a fantastic opportunity to accelerate the advancement of Calibr’s therapeutic program pipeline.

About Calibr

At Calibr, we are transforming the way new medicines are created. We are combining the expertise of world-class biomedical research with the latest drug discovery and development capabilities to form a unique framework for advancing nonprofit biomedical research.

Our portfolio of drug candidates is based on Scripps Research’s groundbreaking technologies, enabling us to accelerate the creation of medicines in ways never before possible. By revolutionizing the process, we strive to have a direct impact on patients everywhere.

About AbbVie

AbbVie is committed to developing innovative medicines and solutions that positively impact the lives of people around the world, from immunology to oncology, neuroscience, and eye care. Through our cutting-edge Allergan Aesthetics portfolio, we are determined to tackle existing and future medical challenges head-on in order to achieve remarkable improvements in people’s lives.

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