Accumulus Synergy Elevates Jacques Mascaro to Lead Board as Chair

Jacques Mascaro has been appointed the new Chair of the Board of Directors of Accumulus Synergy, a nonprofit trade association striving to accelerate digital transformation in the life sciences – regulatory eco-system. As Chair, Mascaro takes the baton of leadership, catalyzing Accumulus’ mission to make the world’s health-care systems more connected, efficient and futuristic.

Accumulus has the unique opportunity to add an industry-renowned leader to their Board of Directors – Jacques Mascaro. With more than 30 years of life sciences experience, Dr. Mascaro brings a wealth of knowledge, from research and development to digital transformation and innovation, and is a valued member of ESMO, ASCO, DIA, RAPS and the NY Academy of Sciences.

As Chair of the Board, Dr. Mascaro will leverage his expertise and oversight to help Accumulus meet its mission of delivering critical therapies to patients around the world. With his leadership in place, the Accumulus team is sure to keep pushing forward towards success.

Accumulus is dedicated to expediting the process of bringing therapies to patients, and as a result, believes that the key is to shift from a document-centric approach to a data-driven one. To help accomplish this, Accumulus CEO Francisco Nogueira is thrilled to announce the new role of Jacques Giraud on the Board of Directors.

As a connoisseur of collaboration, Jacques’s guidance will be invaluable in promoting digital transformation and ultimately democratizing the Accumulus Platform. Together, they strive to reduce drug lag and improve the lives of patients around the world.

Accumulus is delighted to announce the appointment of Dr. Mascaro as the new Chair of the Board. After joining the Board a year ago, Dr. Mascaro has been inspired by Accumulus’ vision and dedication to revolutionizing the life sciences industry through regulatory change and international collaboration.

With the growth of technology, security, and advances made due to the pandemic, Accumulus is presented with the opportunity to transform how medical treatments are delivered worldwide. Accumulus would also like to thank the founding Chair, Jeremy Chadwick, Ph.D., from Takeda Pharmaceuticals, for his invaluable service.

About Accumulus Synergy

Accumulus Synergy is a nonprofit trade association on a mission to tackle the urgent need for digital transformation in the life sciences industry. We are developing a cutting-edge data exchange platform that will enable smoother collaboration between life sciences organizations and health authorities across the globe.

By leveraging advanced technology and tools for secure data transfer, this innovative platform will help improve patient safety, reduce the cost of innovation, and speed up the process of bringing safe and effective medicines to market. Accumulus is proud to be supported by esteemed sponsors such as Amgen, Astellas, AstraZeneca, Bristol Myers Squibb, GSK, Johnson & Johnson, Lilly, Merck, Pfizer, Roche, Sanofi, and Takeda, all of whom share in its vision of a robust and secure regulatory process.

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