Actimed Therapeutics Triumphs with £4.75M Boost in Series A Extension, Nearly Doubling Initial Proceeds

London, UK – August 22, 2023: Brace yourself for the remarkable tale of Actimed Therapeutics Ltd (“Actimed”), a UK-based trailblazer in the world of clinical stage specialty pharmaceuticals. They’re rewriting the script on cancer cachexia and muscle wasting disorders treatment, and their latest chapter is an absolute page-turner. Hold onto your seats as Actimed unveils an electrifying announcement – they’ve just amplified their Series A funding by an astonishing £4.75 million!

But that’s not all. This cash infusion isn’t just a financial boost; it’s a game-changer. With their Series A round now totaling a staggering £9.75 million, Actimed is rewriting the future of medical innovation. The company is armed with the resources to charge forward until 2024 and beyond. And what’s in store for this captivating journey? Brace yourself for the global Phase 2b/3 IMPACT clinical development program, where Actimed’s lead star, S-pindolol benzoate, takes the spotlight in combating muscle wasting tied to non-small cell lung cancer and colorectal cancer.

The plot thickens as Actimed rallies the support of their existing major investors, led by the ever-committed Mankind Pharma. It’s a testament to Actimed’s magnetic allure that these investors couldn’t resist diving back into the narrative. Cancer cachexia might be a formidable antagonist, but Actimed is armed with an arsenal of innovation. In a landscape where every step forward counts, Actimed has not only taken a step – they’ve leaped towards a potential solution.

Robin Bhattacherjee, the Chief Executive Officer of Actimed Therapeutics, couldn’t contain his excitement. “Amidst the challenges of the financial realm, our shareholders have shown an unwavering commitment. Their belief fuels our progress,” he exclaims. The financial runway they’ve secured is a lifeline for their mission, as they sprint towards launching the IMPACT Phase 2b/3 clinical program in 2024. A new era might just be on the horizon – one where cancer cachexia meets its match.

As Actimed scripts this riveting narrative, they’re already sketching the outlines of their next chapter. The Series B financing round is poised to take the stage, a symphony of possibilities led by WG Partners, the virtuoso Life Sciences advisory firm. The crescendo of Actimed’s saga continues, leaving us all on the edge of our seats, eager to witness the next groundbreaking revelation.

About Actimed Therapeutics

In the world of medical innovation, Actimed Therapeutics stands tall, a beacon of hope for those often forgotten by conventional treatments. Born in 2017 from the visionary minds of Stefan Anker and Andrew Coats, renowned champions of muscle wasting research, and Yann Colardelle, a communication virtuoso deeply rooted in the realm of cachexia, Actimed emerged with a mission: to rewrite the story of muscle wasting disorders.

Picture this: a silent battle rages within, where diseases like cancer and chronic illnesses trigger a ruthless foe known as cachexia. With morbidity and mortality looming large, Actimed strides onto the scene as the defender of the vulnerable. Among cancer patients, cachexia’s grip is unrelenting, a dark specter behind up to 20% of all cancer deaths. In the heart of this storm, Actimed’s purpose crystallizes – to pioneer change where there’s none, to heal where devastation lingers.

But wait, there’s more – a revelation that defies the odds. Despite the havoc it wreaks, cachexia has yet to meet its match. Actimed steps in with S-pindolol benzoate (ACM-001.1), a beacon of promise that targets the very core of cachexia’s pathways. The evidence is compelling: Phase 2a trials have illuminated a path of potential, a glimmer of hope for those battling this relentless adversary. And Actimed’s not stopping there. Their sights are set on the horizon, where Phase 2b/3 clinical studies beckon in the context of Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer (NSCLC) and Colorectal Cancer (CRC). It’s a journey that holds the promise of transformation, a journey that could alter the course of lives.

But Actimed’s impact stretches further, with a second asset, S-oxprenolol, claiming their attention. In the realm of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), where survival hinges on every ounce of strength, Actimed’s commitment shines through. And there’s a twist in the tale – enter Faraday Pharmaceuticals, an ally across the seas, entrusted with the global rights to develop and commercialize S-oxprenolol for the fight against cancer cachexia and beyond.

In a world where vulnerability often walks alone, Actimed Therapeutics strides forward, armed with innovation, driven by compassion, and fueled by a determination to rewrite destinies. The story is unfolding, and each chapter holds the promise of a brighter, stronger future.

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