AI-Powered Breast Imaging Solution to Revolutionize Care at Dubai Hospital

Lunit and Agfa HealthCare have achieved a major milestone in breast imaging technologies with the successful implementation of the Breast AI Analysis Package at Dubai Academic Health Corporation’s Dubai Hospital. This revolutionary AI-powered solution is set to revolutionize the diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer, allowing for faster and more accurate results. With its implementation, DAHC Dubai Hospital is now among the first medical centers in the world to use this cutting-edge technology.

Agfa HealthCare’s Enterprise Imaging solution is revolutionizing the world of breast cancer diagnosis with its Breast AI Analysis Package. Powered by Lunit INSIGHT MMG, this workflow-centric and evidence-based AI package provides a range of advanced visualizations, workflow orchestration, triage benefits, dedicated reading protocols, and report notifications to help radiologists detect breast cancer earlier and more cost-effectively. With this revolutionary technology, healthcare providers can now provide their patients with the highest quality of diagnostic services.

Lunit INSIGHT MMG is the AI solution you didn’t know you needed. With high speed and 96% accuracy, our AI solution quickly analyzes mammography images, helping radiologists distinguish suspected tumor areas and providing a location of the lesion with an abnormality score reflecting the AI’s confidence level. With Lunit INSIGHT MMG, you can rest assured that your mammograms are being analyzed with the utmost precision.

After joining forces in 2021, Agfa HealthCare and Lunit have created their first application in the RUBEE for AI framework – the Breast AI Analysis Package. This revolutionary package promises to revolutionize the way medical professionals diagnose breast-related issues and provide improved patient care. With this cutting-edge technology, medical professionals can now accurately detect, diagnose, and monitor breast abnormalities with greater accuracy and efficiency.

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