AI Proteins Gains a Renowned Expert: Dr. Robert Stein Joins the Ranks of its Scientific Advisory Board

AI Proteins, Inc., a biotechnology company specializing in computational de novo protein design for therapeutic miniproteins, has appointed Dr. Robert Stein, MD, PhD, to its Scientific Advisory Board (SAB). Dr. Stein is an accomplished professional with extensive experience in research and development, contributing to the advancement and registration of several pharmaceuticals, including Sustiva®, Promacta®, and Eliquis®.

His expertise spans molecular biology, biochemistry, and clinical development. Dr. Stein has held leadership positions at Roche Palo Alto LLC, Kinemed, and Agenus, among others. He holds an MD and a PhD in Physiology & Pharmacology from Duke University.

AI Proteins is focused on leveraging its de novo protein design platform to create miniprotein-based therapeutics for various indications and disease areas. The addition of Dr. Stein to the Scientific Advisory Board enhances the company’s scientific and strategic guidance as it advances its miniprotein therapeutics into development for conditions with significant unmet medical needs. AI Proteins aims to harness the potential of miniproteins as a next-generation modality with broad therapeutic potential.

About AI Proteins

AI Proteins, headquartered in Boston, is a biotechnology company that is pioneering a transformative approach to protein therapeutics through innovative protein design. Their methodology combines artificial intelligence (AI) with a high-throughput drug discovery platform to generate entirely new proteins tailored for specific therapeutic purposes.

One of the distinctive features of AI Proteins’ approach is the ability to create de novo proteins with optimized properties, including high specificity, durability, and the potential for oral delivery. This platform has the potential to revolutionize the development of protein-based therapies by expediting the process of identifying lead candidates suitable for further development and IND-enabling studies.

By harnessing the power of AI-driven protein design, AI Proteins aims to bring about a new era in protein therapeutics, offering cost-effective and highly targeted solutions for a wide range of medical applications.

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