Altro Pharmaceuticals Leverages New Technology from LSPedia to Ensure FDA DSCSA Compliance – Stay Ahead of The Curve!

LSPedia, a SaaS provider specializing in product traceability solutions for the pharmaceutical industry, teams up with Altro Pharmaceuticals to help their customers easily comply with the Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA). Don’t miss your chance to ensure compliance ahead of the FDA’s final deadline on November 27, 2023.

Altro is revolutionizing the pharmaceutical industry, providing an array of services and expert solutions to manufacturers and wholesale distributors. By leveraging LSPedia’s cutting-edge OneScan software suite, Altro helps its clients expand their businesses, streamline their supply chain operations, and ensure worry-free, comprehensive DSCSA compliance. With Altro, pharmaceutical companies can confidently face the changing marketplace.

Sandy Greco, President of Altro Pharmaceuticals, remarked that getting DSCSA right is absolutely necessary to ensure the successful and efficient functioning of the pharma supply chain, and she is confident that LSPedia offers the industry’s most user-friendly, dependable, and successful service to help their customers succeed.

The OneScan Suite from LSPedia makes it easier than ever for manufacturers and wholesalers to stay on top of DSCSA requirements. With OneScan, serialization, EPCIS data exchange, verification, and interoperability are just the start. Investigator for Exceptions Management also offers exceptional alerting, resolution and prevention of EPCIS transaction issues — setting a gold standard in the industry.

“With time quickly running out before their compliance deadline, LSPedia CEO Riya Cao could not be more pleased with having Altro as a partner. Altro’s comprehensive service portfolio provides its customers with the crucial access and convenience needed to keep up with the times, including DSCSA compliance made easy and complete.”

About LSPedia

LSPedia is revolutionizing the pharmaceutical industry with its comprehensive turnkey DSCSA compliance and SaaS solutions. With OneScan, CMOs, manufacturers, 3PLs, wholesale distributors, dispensers, and healthcare providers have a powerful suite of tools to seamlessly track, verify, ship, and receive serialized products safely.

By unlocking the potential of the entire supply chain, these stakeholders can confidently move medicines from seller to buyer with the highest levels of security and accuracy.

At LSPedia, we know the importance of data security, workflow automation, and efficiency. That’s why we offer the industry’s premier solutions, such as the OneScan integration platform. With high-performance product verification and cutting-edge Exchange Product Code Information Services data exchange protocols, OneScan offers a flexible and secure option for tracking data.

Plus, our Investigator platform is the first collaborative platform designed to quickly tackle EPCIS errors and any supply chain issues with real-time results. LSPedia is setting the standard for serialization solutions.

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