AltruBio’s Potential Game Changer for Ulcerative Colitis Treatment Proved in Positive Phase 1 Clinical Trial

AltruBio Inc., a biotech company revolutionizing the treatment of immune-related diseases, has announced hugely encouraging topline results from its first clinical trial of its subcutaneous antibody-based immune checkpoint enhancer, ALTB-268. The important findings were made public on the 1st of August, 2023, and signify a major milestone on the road to providing patients with highly effective and desperately needed treatments for immunological diseases.

AltruBio is thrilled to announce positive phase 1 clinical trial data for their new subcutaneous immunomodulatory ICE, ALTB-268, in healthy volunteers. The results indicate that ALTB-268 is biologically active, demonstrates a favorable safety profile, and was well tolerated with no serious adverse events reported.

AltruBio is passionate about the potential of ALTB-268 and looks forward to continuing to explore its applications in the treatment of immunological diseases. They remain committed to providing the best care and treatment options for those suffering from autoimmune and inflammatory diseases.

Judy Chou, Ph.D., President and Chief Executive Officer of AltruBio, announced the successful completion of Phase 1 trials for ALTB-268, a potential treatment option for biologics-refractory ulcerative colitis. This marks a major milestone in the development of this therapy, which is unique in its natural approach to restoring immune balance without suppressing the body’s immune system.

AltruBio looks forward to further exploration of ALTB-268’s effects through biomarker clinical studies, as well as to starting the Phase 2 study in the first half of 2024. With the aim of providing more patient-friendly, durable and effective treatment, ALTB-268 has the potential to revolutionize the care of those with autoimmune disease.

ALTB-268 is making exciting headway with its Phase 1 Clinical Trial in healthy volunteers. The results of the randomized, double-blind study show great promise, with positive topline data suggesting ALTB-268 is ready to move onto the next big step of its journey: Phase 2 clinical development. Ulcerative colitis is to be its primary indication, though ALTB-268 shows potential for use in treatments for further conditions. It is an exciting development!

About ALTB-268

ALTB-268 is an innovative therapeutic breakthrough for immune diseases with its ability to target and restore balance to chronically activated T-cells without systemic suppression. A tetravalent PSGL-1 agonist antibody, ALTB-268 is formulated for convenient subcutaneous administration and has demonstrated increased potency than its bivalent intravenously administered counterpart, ALTB-168. A successful Phase 1 safety and tolerability study of healthy volunteers showed that ALTB-268 has no serious adverse events.

The promising anti-inflammatory potential of ALTB-268 is set to be explored in an exploratory biomarker clinical study for biologics-refractory ulcerative colitis patients and a Phase 2 study in ulcerative colitis expected to start in 1H 2024. Given its potential to treat multiple immunological diseases, ALTB-268 is a promising pipeline-in-a-product that could revolutionize the current treatments.

About AltruBio Inc.

AltruBio is a clinical-stage biotechnology company pushing the boundaries of immune modulation to improve the lives of patients suffering from autoimmune and inflammatory disorders. By harnessing the power of immune checkpoint agonism, AltruBio was the first to discover the novel role PSGL-1 plays in downregulating an overactivated immune system.

With robust clinical data validating the proof of mechanism for their lead therapy, ALTB-168, the company is now advancing a more potent tetravalent ICE, ALTB-268, enabling subcutaneous and patient-friendly administration. Led by a team with extensive success in drug development and commercialization, AltruBio is dedicated to providing safer, more effective and durable biologic treatments to patients and revolutionizing the landscape of immune therapies.

Note on Forward-Looking Statements

Unfortunately, there is no guarantee that all expectations related to the Company’s plans and operations will be achieved, as various important factors could potentially lead to actual results which differ materially from anticipated outcomes. These factors include the Company’s ability to successfully raise additional funds and its ability to initiate and enroll patients in planned clinical trials.

As such, investors are encouraged to exercise caution when making decisions based on forward-looking statements made in this news release. The Company will continue to monitor the situation and update relevant information, should any developments arise, in accordance with the law.

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