AN2 Therapeutics Lights Up the Financial Stage: Unveils $70.0 Million Pricing for Thrilling Underwritten Offering of Common Stock

Unveiling AN2 Therapeutics’ Triumph: A Bold Step Forward! From the Heart of Silicon Valley Emerges a Powerhouse, AN2 Therapeutics, Inc. (Nasdaq: ANTX). Guided by the Quest for Rare, Chronic, and Urgently Needed Infectious Disease Solutions, Their New Chapter Begins. Today, the Stage Lights Up as AN2 Announces a Daring Underwritten Offering, Showcasing 7,777,778 Shares of Common Stock.

Watch as the Journey Unfolds at $9.00 Per Share, a Dazzling Leap from Today’s Close. The Ensemble of Visionaries: RA Capital Management, TCGX, Frazier Life Sciences, and More, Stand United in This Symphony. As the Curtain Rises, AN2 Gears Up for a Brilliant $70.0 Million Overture, Before Deducting the Flourish of Underwriting Magic. With the Grand Finale Nearing on August 18, 2023, Anticipation Rises for the Ultimate Encore!

Leading the Symphony of Success: Meet the Maestros Behind the Scenes! As AN2 Therapeutics’ Offering Takes Center Stage, Watch the Prestigious Ensemble Take Charge. TD Cowen, Leerink Partners, and Evercore ISI Step into the Spotlight as Captivating Book-Runners, Guiding the Tale of Triumph. And There’s More: Oppenheimer & Co. Takes on the Lead Role, Masterminding the Orchestra of this Remarkable Offering.

An Epic Tale Unveils: AN2’s Shares Steal the Spotlight! Crafted by the Company’s Masterful Hands, this Narrative Unfolds Through the Majesty of a Form S-3 Registration Statement. The SEC Grants its Royal Seal, Declaring this Tale Ready for the Grand Stage. And as the Plot Thickens, Brace Yourself for the Climactic Twist: The Final Prospectus Supplement and its Trusty Sidekick, the Accompanying Prospectus, Join the Ensemble, Set to Captivate.

Unveil the Treasure Map: Your Ticket to the Epic Unfolding! As the Final Prospectus Supplement and its Trusted Companion, the Accompanying Prospectus, Take Shape, Seek Their Secrets. Embark on a Quest for Enlightenment – Sought After from Cowen and Company, LLC’s Hidden Vault at 599 Lexington Avenue, New York, NY 10022.

Venture to the Lair of Leerink Partners LLC, Syndicate Department, Nestled High at 53 State Street, 40th Floor, Boston, MA 02109. For the Bold Seeker, Evercore Group L.L.C. Beckons – Venture to their Domain at 55 East 52nd Street, 35th Floor, New York, New York 10055, and Unlock the Mysteries in their Equity Capital Markets Chamber. Let the Quest Begin!

Unveiling the Overture: Your Invitation to the Symphony! As We Unfold the Pages of this Press Release, Remember: This is No Invitation to Buy or Sell. We’re Guided by the Laws of the Land, Ensuring No Notes Are Played Out of Tune. While the Melody May Enchant, Remember, We Dance in Harmony with the Securities Laws. Be Ready for the Crescendo of Compliance, Where No Notes Will Be Played Until We’ve Aligned with State and Jurisdiction Laws. Let the Legal Harmonies Guide the Way!

Forward-Looking Statements

Unlocking the Crystal Ball: A Glimpse into Tomorrow! Within These Lines, Dive into the Future, Guided by the Magic of Forward-Looking Statements. As We Dance with the Melody of the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995, Embrace the Power of Potential.

Envisioned Within are the Hopes, Dreams, and Intentions of AN2, Painted in the Brushstrokes of Forward-Looking Words. But Remember, the Crystal Ball’s Clarity is Fleeting – No Guarantees of Future Tunes. Like a Labyrinth of Stars, These Words Navigate Through Uncertainties, Where Risks and Rewards Dance in a Delicate Waltz.

As the Pages Turn, Recall the Wisdom of ‘Risk Factors,’ That Symphony Weaves Its Spell. These Words, Woven into the Tapestry of Today, Paint a Picture of Tomorrow. AN2’s Promise? To Keep You in Tune, Updated as Required by the Dance of the Law.

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