Atrion Corporation Surprises Investors with Augmented Quarterly Cash Dividend – August 22, 2023

Spark of Excitement: Atrion Corporation Amps Up Quarterly Cash Dividend to $2.20 Per Share – August 22, 2023

ALLEN, Texas—In a resounding declaration of value for its investors, Atrion Corporation (Nasdaq: ATRI) sent shockwaves through the financial world on August 22, 2023. The company proudly announced a remarkable increase in its quarterly cash dividend, raising it from $2.15 per share to an even more enticing $2.20 per share. This decision, unveiled during a momentous meeting, reverberates with the resounding confidence of Atrion’s Board of Directors.

With the ink still fresh on the announcement, anticipation builds for September 29, 2023—a date etched on the calendar of stockholders across the board. On this day, the enriched dividend of $2.20 per share will flow into the accounts of those who hold Atrion Corporation’s outstanding shares of Common Stock. The key to unlocking this financial reward is holding stock as of September 15, 2023, when the record books close.

Beyond its undeniable financial prowess, Atrion Corporation is renowned for its commitment to medical advancement. Through dedicated research and development, the company crafts products that make a meaningful impact in the realm of healthcare and beyond. As the dividend news spreads, it serves as a testament to the corporation’s unwavering dedication to delivering dividends of innovation and prosperity to both its shareholders and the world it serves.

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