Beactica Therapeutics Embarks on Exciting Partnership with the National Center for Advancing Translational Sciences

In a groundbreaking move, Beactica Therapeutics AB, the visionary Swedish precision oncology company, has forged an alliance with the National Center for Advancing Translational Sciences (NCATS), a distinguished institute under the U.S. National Institutes of Health (NIH) umbrella. This collaboration isn’t just about research; it’s about rewriting the rules of cancer treatment.

At its core, this partnership is all about translating cutting-edge proteolysis-targeting degraders of TEAD. These are not just any compounds; they’re the future of cancer therapy, carefully crafted by Beactica.

What’s on the horizon? NCATS is granted exclusive access to Beactica’s treasure trove of proprietary targeted degraders of TEAD. Their mission? To put these groundbreaking compounds to the test in disease-relevant preclinical models. It’s a quest for efficacy that holds the promise of reshaping the landscape of cancer treatment.

But there’s more. NCATS is set to embark on an ambitious journey to map the uncharted drug-combination landscape. How? By conducting a high-throughput drug-combination screen, employing a staggering collection of around 3,000 oncology-focused, mechanistically annotated drugs. It’s a grand endeavor to unlock new possibilities and redefine the future of cancer therapeutics.

This partnership isn’t just a collaboration; it’s a revolution in the making. Beactica Therapeutics and NCATS are rewriting the narrative of cancer treatment, one discovery at a time. It’s a journey filled with promise, and the world is watching closely.

The Hippo signaling pathway, a hidden gem in the world of healthcare, holds the promise of transformation. Imagine a world where pharmacological modulation of this pathway ushers in a new era of regenerative medicine and oncology breakthroughs. It’s not just a dream; it’s a reality on the horizon.

Enter the stage: small-molecule modulators of TEAD transcription factors. These aren’t just compounds; they’re the vanguard of a revolutionary anti-cancer drug class. Their mission? To zero in on Hippo-pathway-deficient cancers with laser-like precision.

Dr. Per Källblad, the visionary CEO of Beactica Therapeutics, is thrilled by the prospect. Selected by NCATS for this extraordinary journey, he sees boundless potential. Together with NCATS, they aim to unlock the therapeutic magic of targeted TEAD degraders.

What drives this collaboration? A shared passion for innovation and a commitment to positively impact patients’ lives. NCATS brings a wealth of expertise and capabilities to the table, propelling this project towards the future.

It’s not just science; it’s a story of hope, ambition, and the relentless pursuit of a healthier world. With Beactica Therapeutics and NCATS at the helm, the future of cancer and regenerative medicine looks brighter than ever.


In the intricate world of cellular orchestration, there exists a dynamic duo – YAP1 (Yes-associated protein 1) and TEAD 1–4 (TEA Domain) transcription factors. Together, they are the conductors of the Hippo signaling pathway, a symphony that choreographs cell proliferation, apoptosis, and stemness. It’s not just biology; it’s a masterpiece in the making.

But here’s the twist: sometimes, even the most beautiful symphonies can go awry. In the world of cancer, the Hippo pathway loses its rhythm, and TEAD takes center stage. This dysregulation is no small matter; it’s been detected in a wide array of cancers – from squamous cell carcinoma to head and neck, gynecological, and gastrointestinal cancers. It’s a reminder that even the most intricate compositions can be disrupted.

But amid this complex dance, there’s hope. Enter VT3989, the TEAD inhibitor that’s turning the tide. It’s not just a molecule; it’s the first glimpse of clinical proof-of-concept for drugging the Hippo–YAP–TEAD pathway. This groundbreaking achievement was unveiled at the American Association for Cancer Research (AACR) Annual Meeting in April 2023, a testament to the relentless pursuit of understanding and conquering cancer.

This is not just science; it’s a symphony of discovery, a tale of molecular harmony and discord, and ultimately, a journey towards rewriting the story of cancer.

About Beactica Therapeutics

In the relentless fight against cancer, Beactica Therapeutics AB stands as a beacon of hope. This privately held precision oncology company is on a mission to redefine cancer treatment, one breakthrough at a time.

Their arsenal? A dynamic pipeline of novel small molecule therapeutics, each a potential game-changer. But here’s the twist: they’re not just targeting any cancers; they’re zeroing in on genetically defined cancers with dire unmet medical needs. It’s a mission driven by empathy and a commitment to make a difference where it matters most.

What sets Beactica apart? Their approach is nothing short of revolutionary. They’re not just tackling disease proteins; they’re going after them with allosteric modulators and targeted protein degraders. It’s a strategy that promises to rewrite the rules of cancer treatment.

But the ultimate goal isn’t just science; it’s about delivering value where it counts – to patients and shareholders alike. Beactica Therapeutics is relentlessly advancing its programs, with a laser focus on achieving clinical proof of concept. It’s a journey filled with promise, and the world is watching as they pioneer a brighter future in the battle against cancer.

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