Bio Company Soars to Success in First Half of 2023!

Form Bio, the game-changing AI-enabled drug finding platform, proudly shared its noteworthy accomplishments and significant product advancements for the first half of this year. With powerful technology and a talented team, Form Bio is firmly set for continued success in the upcoming months.

Form Bio is revolutionizing the life sciences industry with its cutting-edge AI capabilities, specifically in the fields of cell and gene therapies. Our streamlined, cloud-based software platform is designed to effortlessly analyze vast amounts of bioinformatics data, making it easier than ever to advance research and development in healthcare. We remain committed to continually investing in innovation and top-tier talent to ensure our clients are receiving the most comprehensive and advanced solutions possible.

2023 YTD Company Highlights

Key Industry Partnerships

  • NVIDIA: Bio Forms has made rapid genomic analysis a reality with their integration of NVIDIA’s Clara Parabricks solution, making complex studies easier and faster than ever before. Now unparalleled precision and speed can be achieved to help unlock new insights and pave the way for breakthroughs in the life sciences.
  • PacBio: BioForm is excited to announce its membership in the PacBio Compatible Program, which will enable researchers to move quickly and easily from genome data to valuable insights and help accelerate the development of gene therapy solutions.
  • Google Cloud: Bio was chosen by Google Cloud to revolutionize life sciences with AI-powered solutions! This exciting opportunity stands to transform the way businesses utilize AI to enhance and expand their capabilities in the life sciences field. With Bio, organizations have access to the latest technology, developed with cutting-edge research, that is tailored to their specific needs.

Technology Advancement

  • BioForm is proud to announce the launch of FORMsightAI, a revolutionary AI solution that promises to revolutionize the development of cell and gene therapies. With its powerful simulation and optimization capabilities, FORMsightAI is poised to become an indispensable tool for biopharmaceutical professionals. By enabling rapid and cost-effective development, FORMsightAI is set to accelerate the delivery of treatments to those in need.
  • BioForm has made significant strides in the field of drug discovery and development, submitting 13 patents for AI and other computational capabilities they have pioneered. Their work has opened the door to numerous possibilities, particularly in the realm of AI in drug exploration.

Leadership Team Expansion

  • Linda Murray, an experienced finance executive, has been appointed as Bio Form’s very first Chief Financial Officer. With over two decades of experience in the field, her expertise will be invaluable in boosting the financial strength of the company. We look forward to a successful future ahead!

Company Recognition

  • BioForm has had the honor of being featured in some of the most prestigious business and trade publications, including Forbes, Fortune, The Medicine Maker, GenomeWeb, Molecule to Market, PharmaVoice, and Stat News. This recognition reflects the firm’s commitment to innovation, excellence, and superior quality.
  • Bio leaders have been earning their stripes on the biggest stage, delivering informative and engaging presentations at events such as Meeting on the Med, SynBioBeta, BIO International Convention, SXSW, and Fierce JPM Week, captivating audiences with their inspiring insights.
  • BioForm has been granted the prestigious “Best Computational Biology R&D Company” award by Global Health & Pharma for their exceptional R&D work in 2023. Their outstanding contribution to medical research and advancing the field of computational biology was recognized with this honor. This award reflects BioForm’s dedication and hard work in developing the future of medical science. Congratulations to BioForm for this incredible accomplishment!

Second Half Outlook

The life sciences industry is at its busiest as we near the end of the year, yet resources are limited. Form Bio is ready to step up and be the leader, leveraging data, cutting-edge artificial intelligence and their unmatched experience. Their ultimate goal? To make drug discovery and development more efficient, aiding biopharma companies in their mission to make the world a healthier place.

Meet Form Bio

Do you want to meet the team at Form Bio and find out more about what we do? Come along to one of our industry events and see for yourself! We’d love to chat with you and share what we’re working on. Plus, if you’re looking for a new job opportunity, don’t forget to check out Form Bio Careers. We look forward to seeing you soon!

About Form Bio

Unlock the secrets of science and accelerate therapeutic research, design and development with Form Bio. Our award-winning, easy-to-use research and discovery platform, combined with powerful AI-driven solutions, allows you to unlock the mysterious potential beneath the surface.

Our talented team offers unparalleled expertise in software engineering, biology, bioinformatics and data science – ultimately paving the way for a new era of insights and breakthroughs. Discover the possibilities with Form Bio – the life sciences-focused software company here to unleash the power of science.

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