BioAtla Joins Elite Club: Named Member of Small-Cap Russell 2000® Index

BioAtla, Inc. (Nasdaq: BCAB) has been added to the U.S. small-cap Russell 2000® Index, effective after the U.S. markets open on June 26, 2023. As an innovative global clinical-stage biotechnology company focused on the development of Conditionally Active Biologic (CAB) antibody therapeutics for the treatment of solid tumors, this is an exciting move for the company to become a member of the renowned Russell 3000® Index. Furthermore, the stock has also been added to the appropriate growth and value indexes. This marks an important milestone for BioAtla as the company continues to make strides in its mission to develop innovative treatments and therapies.

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About BioAtla, Inc.

BioAtla is a cutting-edge biotechnology company based in San Diego, California, with operations in China through their relationship with a preclinical development services provider. Its Conditionally Active Biologics (CAB) technology enables the development of more targeted and efficacious proteins and antibodies while steadily reducing the toxicity and cost of their production.

BioAtla currently holds 725 patents worldwide and its CAB product portfolio speaks for itself, boasting two products in clinical Phase 2 trials: mecbotamab vedotin, BA3011, an AXL-targeted antibody-drug conjugate and ozuriftamab vedotin, BA3021, a ROR2-targeted antibody-drug conjugate. The company is also working on a CTLA-4 antibody, BA3071, which is designed to reduce systemic toxicity, and a bispecific antibody, BA3182, that targets EpCAM which is highly expressed on many adenocarcinomas. With these developments, BioAtla is revolutionizing the way we treat cancer.

Forward-looking statements

BioAtla is making strides towards our goal of developing and delivering effective treatments for serious diseases. We are actively working to initiate and advance a Phase 1 clinical study for BA3182, as well as advancing clinical trials for mecbotamab vedotin, BA3011, ozuriftamab vedotin, BA3021, and CAB-CTLA-4, BA3071, for multiple indications.

While there are a number of risks and uncertainties along the way to potential regulatory approval, such as the potential delays of clinical trials and pre-clinical trials due to the global COVID-19 pandemic, we remain steadfast and optimistic in our goals. We rely on third parties to conduct our clinical trials and research, and to manufacture and supply our product candidates for clinical trials, and our success is depending on our CAB technology platform. This press release contains an update on our current progress, and we look forward to further updates in future regulatory meetings and submissions.

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