Biolase Named ‘Top Workplace’ for 2022!

BIOLASE, Inc., the leading global provider of dental lasers, was recently honored with the prestigious Top Workplaces 2022 award from the Orange County Register. The recognition was based on feedback from its employees, which was collected through a confidential survey administered by Energage LLC. The survey measured 15 culture drivers that are essential for an organization’s success, such as alignment, execution, and connection. This award is a testament to the company’s commitment to creating a positive work environment.

Earning a Top Workplaces award is a huge honor for any company, especially since it is awarded directly from employees. Top Workplaces understand the importance of allowing employees to have a voice, and the rewards they reap from this are undeniable. At Energage, we are proud to recognize and celebrate the organizations that create inclusive and supportive work environments.

At BIOLASE, we understand that having a team of dedicated and motivated individuals leads to happy customers. That’s why we are committed to creating an appealing and supportive work environment that our team members can be proud to be a part of. We prioritize attracting, engaging, and retaining top talent, as it is essential for our success. Matthew Wilson, BIOLASE Vice President of Human Resources, emphasizes that our team members are the key to our success.

At BIOLASE, our team plays a critical role in enabling dental professionals to elevate their standard of care and improve patient-reported outcomes with our technology. We are proud of our team and their dedication to our mission. The feedback we received from our survey is a testament to their commitment and passion for our customers and each other. With their hard work, BIOLASE is able to make a difference in the lives of our customers and patients. John Beaver, BIOLASE President and Chief Executive Officer, shares our sentiment and is grateful for the contributions they make each day.


BIOLASE is an innovative medical device company that develops, manufactures, markets and sells cutting-edge laser systems for dentistry and medicine. With over 301 patented and 28 patent-pending technologies, their products are designed to provide superior biological and clinical performance with less pain and faster recovery times. Since 1998, they have sold over 43,300 laser systems in over 80 countries around the world. BIOLASE is currently working on developing laser products for not only their core dental market, but also for other adjacent medical and consumer applications. Their revolutionary dental laser systems can perform a wide range of dental procedures, from cosmetic ones to complex surgical applications – all at competitive prices that offer superior results for dentists and patients.

Cautionary Statement Regarding Forward-Looking Statements

At BIOLASE, we are committed to understanding the risks and uncertainties that come with the future. Our forward-looking statements can help us plan for potential risks and create a path forward for success. By using terms such as may, might, will, intend, should, could, can, would, continue, expect, believe, anticipate, estimate, predict, outlook, potential, plan, and seek, we can identify and address potential risks. Our aim is to ensure that BIOLASE is well-equipped to handle the future and that our current expectations are met. We are aware of the risks that come with our decisions, and we carefully consider them in order to move forward with confidence and success.

About Energage

At Energage, we believe in the power of employee feedback. We use our patented analytic tools, expert guidance, and 16 years of culture research to transform feedback into credible employer recognition and meaningful business intelligence. Our Top Workplaces program has been used by over 70,000 organizations and surveyed 27 million employees, giving us the most accurate competitive benchmark available. We help organizations stand out in their industry by creating a people-first approach to culture and an engaged workforce.

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