Biophytis Charts Path Forward: Exciting Regulatory Moves for COVA Project Unveiled Across Europe and the United States

Crossing Borders, Bridging Health: Biophytis Forges Ahead! Paris and Cambridge Align as Biophytis Unveils Regulatory Momentum for COVA Project. Empowered by EMA and FDA Insights, Biophytis Sets the Course for Sarconeos (BIO101) in the Fight Against Severe Covid-19.

Championing Collaboration: Biophytis Leaps Forward! Fresh from Pre-Submission Maneuvers, the Company Now Aims High: A European Symphony of Scientific Advice and a US-Type B Meeting. In This Melodic Exchange, EMA and FDA Notes Will Fine-Tune COVA’s Journey Towards Market Approval.

Unveiling the Data Dialogue: Biophytis Takes the Stage! Armed with a Symphony of Insights – From Preclinical Magic to Clinical Marvels – the Company Dazzles EMA and FDA. Spotlight on Marketing Authorization Applications! The Star of the Show? Details Galore, Especially the Intriguing Choreography of a Phase 3 Clinical Study!

Bold Horizons Unveiled: Biophytis’ Vision Soars! As the Curtain Rises, EMA and FDA Glimpse a Transformative Proposition. Beyond Covid-19, the Encore Beckons: Viral Respiratory Pathologies Take Center Stage, with Influenza in the Spotlight. A Symphony of Potential Unleashed, Expanding Eligibility and Amplifying Sarconeos (BIO101)’s Commercial Symphony!


Unlocking Health’s Mysteries: Meet Biophytis SA, the Architects of Change! Journey with Us through the Vast Realm of Clinical Exploration, Where Age-Related Diseases Bow to Our Innovations. Our Maestro, Sarconeos (BIO101), Steps into the Limelight, Dancing to Combat Sarcopenia, Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy, and the Resounding Challenge of Covid-19.

Applaud Our Symphony of Triumphs: From Sarcopenia’s Victory to Covid-19’s Conquest! As We Tune into Tomorrow, the MYODA Project Unveils Hope for Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. With Bases in Paris and Cambridge, We Write Our Story, Guided by Euronext Growth and Nasdaq’s Bright Lights!


Peering into Tomorrow: Unveiling Biophytis’ Vision! Venture with Us into the Unknown, Where Words Like ‘Outlook,’ ‘Believes,’ and ‘Potential’ Craft Our Narrative of Tomorrow. As We Weave the Tapestry of Tomorrow, We’re Anchored by Assumptions We Deem Reasonable.

Yet, in This Dance of Promise, Uncertainties Linger, Testing Our Resolve. Like Stars on a Cosmic Canvas, There’s No Certainty to Illuminate Our Path. The Overture of Change Brings Risks, Unknowns, and Shifting Fortunes. The Pages of Our Saga Tell of Challenges Yet Unseen.

As We Share Our Symphony, We’re Mindful of the Unforeseen—Factors Yet to Grace Our Stage. The Quest to Unravel the Future Unveils Enigmas. We Pledge Our Vigilance, Keeping Vigil as Sentinels of Truth. We Promise No Crystal Ball, but We March with Certainty into the Unknown, Unfazed by the Shadows That Lurk Beyond the Spotlight. As Tomorrow Beckons, We Forge Ahead, a Tale Unwritten, and a Symphony of Promise Unfurled.

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