BIOSCIENCE GIANT Appoints New Executives to Drive Ahead with Ambitious Growth Plans

SK bioscience, a global leader in innovative vaccine and biotech solutions that prioritize human health, has welcomed Richard Kensinger, PhD, to the team as Vice President of R&D Project Management. Kensinger is highly experienced, having served as Director and Head of Drug Substance Process Development at Sanofi Pasteur and Executive Director of Process Development and Protein Sciences at Affinivax Inc. With Kensinger on board, SK bioscience is poised to revolutionize the prevention and cure of diseases across the globe.

For over two decades, Dr. Kensinger has been devoted to biopharmaceutical R&D, having served at prestigious companies around the world. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences from Eastern University and a PhD in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology from the Pennsylvania State University – two qualifications that make him an invaluable expert in the field.

Dr. Kensinger, as an expert in R&D processes, will play a vital role in increasing the company’s global competitiveness – particularly targeting the US market. He will do this by upgrading the manufacturing process to the cGMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) level, which is the highest standard of certification worldwide and will give the company a competitive edge.

R&D Center in Pangyo, South Korea recently welcomed Kenneth Lee, formerly the Head of Commercial Division, Americas at GenScript Probio, as the new Vice President of Biologic Business Development Department for SK bioscience. Lee brings an impressive portfolio of experience to the team, and is charged with spearheading the development of the biologic business sector for SK bioscience.

With a Bachelor of Arts in Molecular Cell Biology from the University of California Berkeley and an MBA from INSEAD, Mr. Lee has had an illustrious career in the biopharmaceutical industry. Starting off at Gilead Sciences, Inc., he has since held various positions in Korean and international companies such as CrystalGenomics Inc., BioMarin Pharmaceutical Inc., Binex Co.,ltd, and Samsung Bioepis, managing R&D, business development, and M&A.

Mr. Lee is taking on an exciting new role in biopharmaceuticals, with a focus on uncovering innovative strategies beyond the vaccine business – including the cutting-edge field of Cellular & Gene Therapy (CGT). It’s an exciting opportunity to explore the possibilities of this groundbreaking technology, and to make a real difference in the world.

Last October, SK bioscience welcomed two world-renowned experts to join their team. Dr. Harry Kleanthous, formerly of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, was brought on as Executive Vice President of Vaccine R&D Strategy and External Innovation. Dr. Sally Choe, an expert in drug review, clinical pharmacology, and medical product development, was appointed Head of Global Clinical Development and Regulatory Affairs. With these two professionals at the helm, SK bioscience is well-positioned to break new ground in healthcare research.

SK bioscience is looking to build a stronger team with the launch of a new recruitment drive. This move is designed to empower the company and take it to the next level, offering exciting opportunities for those interested in joining the team. With this recruitment, SK bioscience is committed to making an impact and achieving greater success.

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to ravage the world, it is up to us to take action and respond to the crisis in a meaningful way. We must stay informed, stay vigilant, and stay proactive in order to protect ourselves and our communities. It is up to us to create a unified response to the pandemic, one that encourages prevention and safety while also providing support and resources to those who are most vulnerable. By following up on the latest developments and implementing effective strategies, we can work together to contain the virus and emerge from this crisis stronger and more resilient.

As the global vaccine market grows, we are taking bold steps to bolster our vaccine business and expand our reach to new frontiers. We are committed to providing innovative, high-quality products to meet the needs of customers around the world and are striving to become a leading player in the global vaccine industry.

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In order to be better prepared for the next pandemic, we must strengthen our global partnership. By coming together and sharing resources and information, we can create a more unified and effective response to future health crises that could potentially save lives. By recognizing the interconnectedness of our global community and taking collective action, we can be better equipped to tackle future pandemics.

R&D and manufacturing infrastructures are expanding rapidly, with qualitative and quantitative advances being made every day. This expansion is driving innovation and progress in the industry, allowing us to develop and create new and exciting products and services. With the right investments and infrastructure, companies can stay ahead of the competition and succeed in this ever-evolving market.

At our organisation, we are committed to constantly enhancing our management infrastructure. We strive to invest our energy and resources into ensuring that our systems and tools are optimised for maximum efficiency. With this in mind, we are dedicated to developing our organisational structure and deepening our understanding of the industry. By doing so, we look forward to becoming a more effective and successful organisation.

Jaeyong Ahn, CEO of SK bioscience, declared that the time is ripe for them to expand beyond Korea and into the global market, leveraging their accumulated capabilities. He also emphasized the importance of strategic recruitment of international talent, like Dr. Kensinger and Mr. Lee, to help SK become a leading player in the vaccine and biopharmaceutical industries.

About SK bioscience

SK bioscience is an innovative global vaccine and biotech company, devoted to improving human health and preparing for global pandemics through vaccine development and manufacturing. Partnering with governments, regulatory agencies, healthcare providers, doctors, and medical experts, SK bioscience has established cutting-edge R&D and manufacturing technologies that are certified worldwide. Our passionate team is dedicated to providing high-quality vaccines to those who need them and delivering better public healthcare solutions. Together, we are committed to creating more equitable access to vaccines and creating a healthier world.

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