Biotech Breakthrough: Dr. John Ballantyne Invests $3M in CureLab!

Dr. John Ballantyne, the co-founder of Aldevron, has made a wise investment of $3M in the sister companies CureLab Oncology, Inc. and CureLab Veterinary. Thanks to Dr. Ballantyne’s leadership when he served as chief scientific officer, Aldevron was able to contract-manufacture an anti-cancer and anti-inflammatory drug for the two companies. His investment now enables them to reach the necessary R&D milestones that will ensure future rounds of funding and support their success.

CureLab Oncology is making waves with its plasmid-based therapies, which employ a gene called p62/SQSTM1. Having presented impressive clinical data at the European Society for Medical Oncology Congress in Paris, the company is now ready to take the next step: FDA-monitored clinical trials for triple-negative breast cancer and platinum-resistant ovarian cancer in 2023. With the funds now in place, CureLab Oncology is ready to make a significant impact on the treatment of these deadly diseases.

I have had the privilege of watching CureLab’s incredible journey since Aldevron first produced their groundbreaking product. I have seen the CureLab team expand and develop, obtain patent protection in multiple countries, and stay on top of their pre-clinical and clinical progress. With the CureLab team’s strength and the compelling clinical data they have presented, I was inspired to invest in this exciting venture.

Dr. Alexander Shneider, CEO of CureLab Oncology, believes that by distributing Dr. Ballantyne’s investment between their two companies, CureLab Oncology and CureLab Veterinary, the R&D risks for both can be significantly reduced. This strategic move promises to be an advantageous one for both businesses.

The synergistic research activities of CureLab’s sister companies produces data that serves as a much more reliable predictor for human clinical trials than experiments conducted on laboratory animals. By demonstrating the effectiveness of their product in the treatment of canine osteoarthritis or inflammatory bowel syndrome in real-life veterinary settings, CureLab Veterinary allows CureLab Oncology to extend its clinical programs to treat these pathologies. This data, obtained from pet-owners’ fur babies, is a powerful tool in providing insight into human health.

CureLab Veterinary has achieved remarkable success in the fight against breast cancer in domestic animals, with 10 out of 11 dogs showing positive clinical results when treated with their patented p62 plasmid technology. As a result, the company is now seeking to gain approval from the USDA-CVB in order to market their innovative anti-cancer and anti-inflammatory technologies for use by veterinarians.

I’m delighted to welcome John on board to our mission of bringing revolutionary animal technology to the US! His support will make a world of difference to many animals and pet owners. Thanks to his generosity, CureLab Veterinary can continue leading the industry in thought and action as we make these technologies accessible to everyone.

About Elenagen

CureLab’s innovative DNA therapy, Elenagen, has demonstrated remarkable potential in clinical studies, showing promise in reversing tumor grade, improving the tumor microenvironment, and boosting the anti-cancer effects of chemotherapy. In addition, Elenagen has been found to mitigate chronic inflammation and stimulate an immune response to the tumor. This groundbreaking therapy consists of a plasmid with a gene for the human protein p62/SQSTM1.

About CureLab Veterinary

Today, our four-legged family members are living longer than ever, giving us more time to share with them. Unfortunately, with this longer lifespan comes the possibility of them developing the same cancers and diseases due to chronic inflammation as their pet parents. To help ensure better pet health and longevity, CureLab Veterinary, a sister company of CureLab Oncology, is dedicated to providing advanced therapies to treat cancer and inflammatory diseases in our furry friends.

About CureLab Oncology

CureLab Oncology Inc. is a pre-IPO, clinical-stage immuno-oncology biotech company that is on a mission to revolutionize the oncology and inflammatory indication treatments of the future. Located in the greater Boston area of Massachusetts, CureLab is dedicated to developing more effective, safe and cutting-edge therapies for solid tumors and other oncology and inflammatory indications.

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