Biotech Execs Gather at JPMorgan for Groundbreaking 2023 Kickoff

JPMorgan week is proving to be a successful return to the pre-pandemic days, with executives flocking to San Francisco after two years of COVID-19-enforced absence. After two years of virtual meetings and digital communication, the anticipation of finally reuniting in-person is palpable, and everyone is excited to knock on wood and make the most of this week.

The JP Morgan Healthcare Conference remains the benchmark event for the healthcare industry to get a glimpse into the coming year. With thought-provoking insight from industry leaders, this annual event is a must-attend for those seeking to stay ahead of the curve. According to Mark Klausner, managing partner at ICR Westwicke, “This conference sets the tone for the industry and provides an invaluable opportunity to stay informed and prepared.”

As the new year dawned, several well-known Union Square hotels still had rooms available for the upcoming conference, some at prices below $1,000 per night. Despite this, many executives waited until mid-December to register for the event, and companies were still announcing their attendance up to the start of the year. It seems that this year’s conference will be a popular one, and attendees will be sure to benefit from the wealth of knowledge and connections made.

This year, the decision-making process from most companies and reporters who have previously attended the conference has taken longer than anticipated, according to Ignacio Guerrero-Ros, Ph.D., assistant vice president at RussoPartners, LLC. Despite the delays, the conference remains an important event in the biotechnology industry.

As the cost of travel and meeting rooms continues to rise, and the spectre of a looming recession looms large, companies are increasingly concerned about how best to navigate these uncertain times. Communications experts have noted that this is a major issue for many businesses, as they struggle to stay afloat in the face of mounting financial pressure.

Safety Concerns Linger  

Some of their clients and peers are questioning whether San Francisco is a safe venue in light of the ongoing concern over COVID-19, this year’s flu, and RSV outbreaks. Klausner and other concerned individuals are asking if the city is still the right place for their events and gatherings.

As December rolls on, registration for the conference has seen an uptick giving way to an exciting and productive event! Guerrero-Ros is thrilled with the turnout and looks forward to what the conference will bring!

Klausner has noticed a similar pattern – the rise of digital technologies is leading to a significant shift in the way we work, play, and interact with one another. From virtual offices to online gaming, our lives have been transformed by the proliferation of digital technologies, and Klausner is no exception. He’s seen firsthand how these advancements have changed our behaviour and how we connect with each other.

The invitation to present at the event was accepted by a resounding majority of clients, proving that it is still a highly valued occasion. Even among those who are not presenting, a significant proportion of 40 percent have decided to attend, albeit with smaller teams and shorter stays.

Gaurav Shah, M.D., CEO of Rocket Pharma, is eager to attend this week’s event as it provides an unparalleled opportunity for him to interact with top industry leaders and discuss how Rocket Pharma is striving to develop gene therapy cures for patients suffering from rare and life-altering illnesses.

On the first day of the exclusive, invitation-only JP Morgan Healthcare Conference, more than 400 public and private companies are set to present in-person – and one of them is Shah!

JP Morgan is undoubtedly the star of this week, but there is far more to explore! Satellite conferences, one-on-one meetings, and much more are available for companies, investors, and media to take advantage of. So don’t miss out on the amazing opportunities to make the most of this event!

Asian Events Still a Go

The COVID-19 testing requirements for travelers entering the U.S. from China may have caused a stir, but they have not impacted the Asian satellite events in any way. Despite the pandemic, these events are still going strong, providing a much-needed respite to the travelers and their families.

On January 8th, WuXi is hosting its Global Forum 2023 and the East-West Biopharma Summit Event. Access China Biotech Forum will follow on-site from January 9-12, with pre- and post-week presentations available both online and on-demand until January 20th. Join us for a one-of-a-kind experience that brings together experts from around the world to discuss biotechnology innovation!

This year, Biotech Showcase has expanded its scope, introducing Asia Pacific Showcase; a platform that builds on the regional success of its long-running China Showcase.

The Asia Pacific region offers a wealth of opportunities for businesses looking to expand their reach, from South Korea and Japan to Singapore, Taiwan, and Australia. At Demy-Colton, we are committed to helping our clients tap into these markets and realize their full potential.

Limited Virtual Options

This year, JP Morgan Week is offering a mix of in-person and virtual events, providing an exciting opportunity for attendees to explore their options and engage in an event tailored to their needs. From inspiring keynote speakers to interactive workshops, there’s something for everyone, no matter where you are.

At Biotech Showcase, we’re taking a unique approach to the event. We are offering virtual partnering week after the event, but won’t have any virtual speakers or panelists during the meeting. We are scheduling our virtual presenting companies to appear in person, which we believe increases the value of the event. So make sure to check out the presentations in the regular presentation room!

The bustling energy of San Francisco in January provides the perfect opportunity for entrepreneurs to connect with potential partners and investors. Aspiring businesspersons flock to the city to take advantage of the various satellite conferences, turning a simple meeting into a chance to secure deals that can launch their careers.

At the end of December, Biotech Showcase registration numbers were back at pre-pandemic levels. For the first time, this event is taking place at the luxurious Hilton San Francisco Union Square Hotel, with over two dozen ancillary events scheduled for the duration of and following JP Morgan. Get ready for a truly memorable experience!

People are bursting with enthusiasm to meet in person.

“Nothing can replace the power of in-person meetings, no matter how efficient our remote operations may be,” said Andrew Mielach, vice president of account management at LifeSci Communications. We have certainly seen the benefits of remote operations, but nothing can replace the connections made and conversations had when people come together in person.

Gathering around the table with friends and sharing a meal, exchanging a warm handshake, and making meaningful connections—these are all experiences you simply can’t replicate through a Zoom meeting.

Attending events in person is essential for forming and nurturing relationships, according to David Harel, the CEO and co-founder of CytoReason. Harel emphasizes the value of building meaningful connections, highlighting the importance of attending events in person.

Over the past two years, we have embraced a hybrid work system and gone the extra mile to travel and meet with our partners in AI drug discovery and development to demonstrate our commitment to progress in this field.

We are thrilled to have the opportunity to attend JP Morgan in person and make meaningful connections with innovators and leaders in the next-generation therapies and technologies space. We are also eager to virtually join conferences and webinars to broaden our reach and build new relationships on a global level.

Although a looming recession may be on the horizon, Guerrero-Ros believes that the pace of dealmaking will only continue to increase. However, some companies have made the strategic decision to pass on attending due to rising costs and uncertain economic conditions. Inflation has put a strain on expenses like airfare, lodging, and food, making them more costly than before the pandemic.

Brian Wiley, the Chief Business Officer at Portage Biotech, believes that striking the right balance between in-person and virtual meetings is critical for business success. He discussed the importance of finding the perfect balance in order to maximize the effectiveness of both types of meetings. With a background in business and economics, Wiley has the experience and knowledge to speak on such an important issue.

With virtual meetings now firmly established as a standard practice, businesses have been able to save both time and money compared to the time-consuming face-to-face meetings of the past. Although the convenience of virtual meetings is undeniable, it is important to remember that relationships remain a key factor in successful partnering and scientific collaborations. Furthermore, there is an undeniable value in being able to read the room, as well as the conversations that take place before and after the official meeting.

As we adjust to the new normal, there is a need to find a balance between in-person and virtual conferences. While virtual conferences offer a more convenient way to stay connected, it is essential to create opportunities for valuable interactions in-person. This means that overall attendance at in-person conferences might be reduced, especially for those that don’t provide good opportunities for these interactions. Nonetheless, striking the right balance between the two formats is key to keeping the connections alive.

Virtual conferencing has proved to be an efficient way to avoid the hustle and bustle of traditional conferences, allowing businesses to handpick the meetings with the most potential for success. As a result, a degree of stratification has been observed, where certain meetings are given priority over others.

It is no secret that some of the most lucrative deals are made outside of the office, during after-hours networking events. Whether you are an entrepreneur, investor, or business professional, these social gatherings provide an invaluable platform to make meaningful connections and expand your network.

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