Biotechs’ Career Sites: Uncovering Room for Improvement

Although layoffs are still an all too familiar reality, the demand for talented individuals in the biotech industry has never been higher. Emerging biotechs are turning to a variety of strategies to attract the level of talent required to get ahead in the fast-paced world of biotechnology. From offering competitive salaries to offering exciting career opportunities, these companies are focused on providing an engaging workplace that supports individual growth.

Are you a small-but-growing biotech firm looking to find the most effective way of engaging and attracting top talent? If so, you’re in the right place! After spending the last 10 years helping numerous companies of all sizes attract the perfect candidates by understanding and marketing their unique qualities, I have curated a collection of 34 US-based biotechs of between 50-500 employees with over $50 million in stated funding and a noteworthy reputation in the industry. Let’s take a look at my research-backed conclusions to help you create an engaging and effective career site!

Are They Offering a Reason to Join?

Are you in search of a job? With so many different companies out there, it can be difficult to decide which one is right for you. Unfortunately, half of the career sites reviewed had limited information about the company’s services or why someone would want to even consider working there. Shockingly, four organizations either sent you straight to a simple list of openings or asked you to email your interest. Ten companies simply had career sites with fewer than 100 words – and three of those had 15 words or fewer, with one not even bothering to explain its job offerings beyond the word “careers” and a brief video.

Recruiting phishing scams can be a reality for job hunters, so it’s important to know how to stay safe and aware. Find out why it’s worth it to take the time and effort to apply for jobs, and learn the tips that will help you stay safe from these malicious threats.

These low-recruiting content companies have something incredible in common – they have all invested a great deal of time and effort into building their corporate sites. From immaculately produced videos of CEOs discussing their drug discovery techniques, to graphics exploring the various protein editing approaches, these sites have it all. Dive deeper and you’ll find pages filled with detailed scientific descriptions, drugs at different stages of development, information about the methodology, facilities, investors, executive boards, media coverage, and mission statements. It’s captivating stuff!

Biotech companies often rely on their ideas and scientific approach to attract top talent. For the rest of the biotech companies, with more than a hundred words devoted to recruitment, there is a common thread of themes woven throughout their efforts. Appealing to potential team members with dynamic and innovative career opportunities has become a clear strategic goal, ensuring each firm’s recruitment efforts are both successful and satisfying.

What Do Benefits Packages Look Like?

Working at this company comes with an impressive range of benefits, ranging from health insurance (including dental and optical) to a 401k/retirement plan, to paid time off, to family leave (including adoption and IVF). Plus, you get to enjoy a competitive salary and potential bonuses and equity, offering you an opportunity to truly secure your future.

In addition to the standard list, companies are increasingly offering stipends for gyms and other wellness needs, onsite gyms, financial counseling, payments for cell phones, on-demand mental health services, working-from-home options, commuter benefits and professional development funds.

All of these benefits enable individuals to better manage their lifestyle while also fostering their overall wellbeing and professional development. So, if you’re looking for an employer offering additional perks beyond the typical list, then these are the benefits you should be looking for.

Take a break from the hustle and bustle of the office one or two weeks each year! Imagine the freedom of being able to jet off on vacation without worrying about emails and Slack messages piling up. Companies that shut down for the week give their staff the chance to really relax and enjoy some well-deserved time away – the perfect reward for a job well done.

Food has become the new way to show appreciation in the workplace, with happy hours, team lunches, and even onsite cafeterias becoming the norm. It’s no longer a cool and surprising bonus, it’s become an expected benefit in a modern workplace, and one that jobseekers won’t be willing to go without.

Do Scientists Care About Culture?

When companies talk about their culture on their career site, it’s often a complex calculus. What is culture, anyway? Is it a shared set of values that drive decision-making? A series of fun behaviors that grew organically? Strategies declared from on high? It’s a tricky concept to define – and yet it’s so vital to corporate life.

When discussing a culture, most ideas are drawn from seven core themes. These themes can be encapsulated into four to five “pillars” which highlight the essential characteristics and values of a culture. From traditions and customs to beliefs and values, these tenets form the foundation for understanding an entire culture and its shared storytelling.

  • The future of biotechnology is an ever-changing landscape of infinite possibilities. With a mission to revolutionize the industry, we encourage everyone to think outside the box and let curiosity lead the way. Innovation is key – nothing is too ambitious and nothing is impossible. Together, we can dream up new ideas, build something unforgettable, and create something extraordinary.
  • Focused on making an impact, impact-obsessed, and committed to making a difference, emerging biotechs take on a revolutionary approach to the healthcare industry that big pharma companies fail to recognize. Unlike big pharma, these emerging biotechs are invested in impacting the industry and the world in positive ways. Accountability is valued and impact is prioritized over bureaucracy and slow-paced office politics. Through the idea of creating meaningful results, and empowering a culture of innovation, these companies seek to make a measurable, lasting change in the world.
  • At the heart of “More Impact” and “Science First” is a commitment to reject traditional office politics and hierarchical structures. Rather, these movements encourage us to look to the data and trust in science to lead the way. We must be courageous in our decisions and accountable to the data that drives them – that is the true path to change and progress.
  • It’s time to take action! Let’s be driven to achieve our goals and deliver on our promises. We must be all-in and create meaningful value. Now is the time for urgency—let’s get it done!
  • Honor the patient, because they can’t wait. We are committed to helping and caring for everyone, because everyone deserves a chance at life. Let’s do our utmost to make sure they get it now—not tomorrow!
  • When working together, true collaboration and engagement can lead to great innovation. In smaller teams, where each team member needs to take on multiple roles, collaboration and communication is key! As one unit we strive to focus on a single mission, while respecting each others’ ideas; open to feedback and troubleshoot together when an issue arises. We don’t believe in blame, and instead look to raise each other up and embrace everyone’s contributions. Through respect, openness and support, we remain united as one company.
  • At our company, integrity and trustworthiness are of utmost importance. That is why we strive to exhibit scientific integrity in everything we do, speaking the truth and always making sure to do what is right, no matter the circumstances. It is our commitment to you, our customers, that we will never deviate from this core line of morality and ethics. We are not Theranos – we are committed to everything we do.

Key Takeaways

A career change is an exciting and potentially life-altering decision, but the lack of quality content from emerging biotech firms can make the choice feel daunting. Descriptions of the firm are often generic and lack distinguishing features. Without anything that sets them apart from other options, it can be hard to see why a prospect would choose this company over any other.

What’s the difference between a computational biologist choosing you versus someone else? In today’s world, the choice matters more than ever and can make or break your business. But the burden of finding and understanding the choice falls solely upon the candidate. It’s time to take control and make sure you’re the one to stand out!

For companies that want to attract quality talent, a paradigm shift is needed. Showcasing transparency about everyday operations, how they are executed, and the motivation behind them is key. This way, promising candidates can make an informed decision when considering the organization for their own career path.

Finding your dream job in the cut-throat world of recruitment is never easy – but only half the companies offer something that makes them stand out from the competition. While some have already done tremendous work to define what makes them unique, there’s still ample room for improvement. Path-producing employers should strive to give candidates a reason to choose them as their next employer – and it doesn’t just have to be about the paycheck.

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