Brainomix Joins Forces with TIPAL Trial to Unlock the Potential of a Groundbreaking IPF Biomarker in Lung Disease

Brainomix Pioneers a Revolutionary Partnership with TIPAL Trial to Redefine IPF Treatment

OXFORD, UK, September 8, 2023 – Brainomix is set to make medical history as it joins forces with the prestigious TIPAL trial group to embark on a groundbreaking sub-study, evaluating the game-changing potential of its cutting-edge e-Lung platform. This monumental collaboration is poised to reshape the future of Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis (IPF) treatment.

The TIPAL trial, backed by the National Institute of Health Research (NIHR) and led by the esteemed Norfolk and Norwich University Hospitals (NNUH) NHS Foundation Trust, is a placebo-controlled 52-week multi-center study that delves into the impact of lansoprazole, a commonly prescribed medication for indigestion and acid reflux, on patients grappling with IPF. This enigmatic lung condition features an unpredictable disease trajectory with a relentless decline in lung function.

The trial’s 298 participants will embark on a journey of home spirometry tests, meticulously measuring their forced vital capacity (FVC). Daily assessments, both at the study’s outset and 12 months post-randomization, will be scrutinized to gauge the profound influence of lansoprazole on the absolute change in percent-predicted FVC. Participants will stay engaged in the process, conducting weekly spirometry assessments from the comfort of their homes during the follow-up period.

In parallel, Brainomix will launch its pioneering sub-study, leveraging its AI-powered e-Lung platform. This cutting-edge module and tool will revolutionize the quantification of lung fibrosis from High Resolution (HR) CT scans, offering an unparalleled ability to detect progressive fibrosis with precision.

Central to this innovation is the groundbreaking weighted reticulovascular (WRV) score, redefining how we assess the extent of lung affected by reticulovascular abnormalities, outperforming traditional measures in terms of prognostic accuracy. The sub-study’s primary goal is to unveil the disparity in the change (between baseline and 12 months post-randomization) in WRV score when comparing lansoprazole treatment to a placebo.

Dr. Peter George, Senior Medical Director at Brainomix and Clinical Lead for ILD at Royal Brompton Hospital in London, expressed his enthusiasm, stating, “We are thrilled to embark on this transformative collaboration with the TIPAL study group, incorporating our pioneering AI technology into a prospective trial that may redefine IPF treatment. Our mission is driven by the potential to accelerate clinical trials, unearth more effective therapies, and ultimately enhance the lives of IPF patients.”

Professor Andrew Wilson, TIPAL Chief Investigator, echoed this sentiment, saying, “The incorporation of Brainomix’s cutting-edge CT scanning technology into the TIPAL study is a monumental step forward. This venture promises to reveal whether lansoprazole can truly improve the scarring observed in CT scans, while also offering the unique opportunity to correlate CT scan abnormalities with home-based lung function tests.” A medical revolution is on the horizon, and Brainomix is leading the charge.

About Brainomix

Brainomix: Pioneering Precision Medicine through AI-Powered Innovation

Meet Brainomix, the trailblazing force behind cutting-edge AI-powered software solutions that are transforming the landscape of medical treatment. Born as a spin-out from the illustrious University of Oxford, Brainomix has swiftly evolved into a dynamic commercial-stage enterprise, leaving an indelible mark on the fields of stroke, lung fibrosis, and cancer.

At the heart of Brainomix’s mission lies a commitment to precision medicine, revolutionizing the way we make critical treatment decisions. Their groundbreaking imaging biomarkers and software solutions, now deployed in over 30 countries worldwide, are the driving force behind this medical revolution.

The Brainomix 360 platform, their maiden offering, stands as a testament to their innovation. It equips clinicians with an unparalleled stroke imaging solution, reducing treatment times and ushering in a new era of enhanced functional independence for patients. Brainomix is rewriting the rules of medical care, one groundbreaking solution at a time.

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