Breaking Ground in the Realm of Hope: Genethon’s Bold Gene Therapy Illuminates the Path with Early-Stage Triumphs Against a Rare Liver Disease

Defying the Shadows of Rare Liver Disease: Genethon’s Brave Journey into Gene Therapy Illuminates Hope for Crigler-Najjar Syndrome, as Promising Phase I/II Findings Grace the Pages of The New England Journal of Medicine

A Symphony of Collaboration Unveils Hope: Genethon’s Global Quest Unites Italy, the Netherlands, and France in a Clinical Dance to Decode Crigler-Najjar Syndrome. Enter GNT 0003, a Trailblazing Gene Therapy that Blends the Powers of AAV8 and the Defective UGT1A1 Gene, Transforming the Script of Liver Function. In this Medical Opera, the Goal is Clear: To Revive the Liver’s Symphony, Bringing Back the Enzyme Maestro UGT1A1 to Tame the Bilirubin Symphony.

A Journey into the Hearts of 17 Brave Souls: Unlocking the Riddles of Severe Crigler-Najjar Syndrome in Young Women Aged 21 to 30. In the Tale of Transformation, the Drug’s Magic Breath Brought the UGT1A1 Gene Back to Life, Unleashing a Dance of Redemption. The Symphony of Change Resounded – Bilirubin Levels, Once a Torrent at 351 μmol/l, Found Serenity at 149 μmol/l, Painting a Picture of Hope in Bold Strokes of Healing.

A Triumph Painted in Shades of Transformation: Genethon’s Anthem Rings Loud on Thursday, Echoing the News of a Drug’s Remarkable Power. With a Single Intravenous Injection, the Spell Was Cast – Bilirubin Levels Tumbled Below the Abyss of Toxicity, a Resounding Victory. The Tale Takes a Turn: Three Bold Souls, Soaked in the Highest Dose’s Magic, Bid Farewell to Phototherapy for 18 Mesmerizing Moons and Beyond. But as the Drama Unfolds, a Warning Knocks – a Lower Dose’s Whispers Led Bilirubin into the Danger Zone by the 16th Week.

A Symphony of Safety Unveiled: In this Medical Tale, Shadows of Serious Adverse Events were Banished, Leaving Only Whispers of Headaches and Dance of Altered Liver-Enzyme Levels. A Script of Healing Unfolds – Enter Glucocorticoids, the Heroes Eager to Mend the Dance’s Rhythm. Amidst the Grand Unveiling on Thursday, Genethon Proclaims a Landmark Achievement – a Dazzling Debut, the First Act of Gene Therapy’s Efficacy Dance in the Mysterious Realm of Liver Metabolic Disease.

A Glimmer of Hope Illuminates the Path Forward: The Unveiling of Results Sparks a Dance of Possibilities in the Face of a Tenacious Foe. Crigler-Najjar Syndrome, a Fierce Adversary that Beckons Neurological Havoc and Lurks in the Shadows of Mortality, Meets its Match in these Encouraging Findings.

The Current Arsenal Speaks of Blue LED Lights, Weaving Daily Rituals of Phototherapy to Tame the Unyielding Bilirubin Storm. A Smaller-scale Savior Emerges – Allogeneic Hepatocyte Transplantation, Navigating the Precise Dance of Life in Transplanted Tissues. Yet, the Echo of Cure Resonates Solely in the Halls of Liver Transplants – A Grand Finale in the Symphony of Healing.

In the Whispering Pages of our Small Study, a Remarkable Tale Unfolds: Within the Embrace of the 5×1012 vg per kilogram Dose, GNT0003 Casts its Spell – UGT1A1 Awakens, Granting the Gift of Phototherapy Suspension. The Enchantment of Efficacy Endures, Dancing Mysteriously Through the Sands of 18 Months Post-Treatment. The Study’s Authors Pen a Tale of Anticipation, Pleading for a Bigger Stage to Replicate the Magic – A Larger Cast of Characters, a Well-Crafted Script, Awaiting its Grand Encore.

A Grand Quest Unfolds: Genethon Sets Sail on a Vast Journey, Launched in the Depths of January. The Canvas is Wider, the Stage Bigger – a Symphony of Exploration Dances Across Patients Aged 10 and Beyond. The Tale Weaves the Threads of Efficacy and Safety, Enveloping Brave Souls in its Embrace, Paving the Way for a Brighter Horizon.

A Vision of Transformation Beckons: Should the Pivotal Chapter Unveil the Victory of our Gene Therapy in Crigler-Najjar’s Tale, the Curtains Will Rise on a New Act. The Symphony of Progress Moves Onward – a Product License Application Awaits, Promising to Breathe Life into Dreams. Frederic Revah, Genethon’s Visionary Captain, Sets the Stage Ablaze with a Proclamation: A Tapestry of Quality of Life, Woven with the Threads of Improved Living, Awaits Patients in this Spellbinding Journey.

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