Breakthrough Discovery: Theralase(R) Unveils Remarkable 8-Year Shelf Life for Star Drug Ruvidar(TM)

Imagine a groundbreaking innovation that wields the power of light and radiation to combat cancer, bacteria, and viruses. Enter Theralase® Technologies Inc., a clinical stage pharmaceutical company dedicated to pioneering Photo Dynamic Compounds (“PDCs”) and their formulations, along with the cutting-edge light systems that activate them. These remarkable PDCs are engineered to safely and effectively obliterate various diseases when triggered by light or radiation.

In an impressive feat supported by rigorous testing, Theralase® has unveiled the remarkable stability of its lead PDC, RuvidarTM, with an astounding 8-year real-time shelf life. Dr. Arkady Mandel, Chief Scientific Officer of Theralase®, expressed his enthusiasm, emphasizing that this achievement bolsters their ongoing clinical development plans.

RuvidarTM’s remarkable stability, confirmed through independent analysis, signifies a potent and pure molecule that can endure the test of time. This breakthrough ensures that clinical partners can now store and utilize this technology for extended periods, reducing the need for disposal or replacement of unused drug stock.

Roger DuMoulin-White, President, and CEO of Theralase® shed light on their journey since 2015, where they’ve collaborated with an independent testing laboratory to validate the purity and efficacy of RuvidarTM over time.

The recent stability report has offered further validation, assuring clinical partners worldwide that this lead drug can be manufactured, sterilized, and stored without the risk of degradation in clinical performance.

This breakthrough is set to reduce costs associated with drug replacement due to spoilage or loss of efficacy. Buoyed by this success, Theralase® is poised to further its expertise in PDC formulation, extending the reach of their anti-cancer technology to combat an even wider array of cancer indications.

About Theralase® Technologies Inc.:

Picture a cutting-edge pharmaceutical company, Theralase®, on a relentless quest for innovation. Their mission? To craft compounds that spring to life when bathed in light and radiation. These remarkable compounds are the ammunition in their arsenal, geared to obliterate cancers, bacteria, and viruses with pinpoint precision.

But Theralase® doesn’t stop there; they meticulously engineer drug formulations and the very light systems that trigger these superhero compounds. With efficacy as their north star and safety as their unwavering companion, Theralase® is leading the charge against a myriad of deadly foes, forever changing the landscape of medical science.

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