Breakthrough Miracle Found for Children with Fragile Skin: Covalon’s IV Clear® Dressing Recommended by Leading Pediatric Specialists

Covalon Technologies Ltd., a leading medical technologies company, announced that its IV Clear® line of dual antimicrobial silicone dressings has been highly recommended by physicians at a leading U.S. Children’s Hospital, renowned as an EB Center of Excellence. This novel dressing was credited for effectively securing and protecting vascular access insertion sites, including those of patients with fragile skin conditions such as EB. Not only is this solution easy to use, it has proven to be highly effective in this challenging area of wound care.

EB, sometimes known as “Butterfly Skin”, is an often overlooked but devastating disorder that affects 1 in every 20,000 births. With this heartbreaking condition, skin is extremely fragile and tears easily in response to even the slightest touch. This means that surgeries and the placement of IV catheters are difficult and challenging for anesthesiologists, as they must take extreme care with the patient. Unfortunately, there is no cure for this disorder, and the delicate and beautiful skin of those with EB reveals its vulnerability when touched.

We are thrilled to have found a solution for a long-standing issue in our pediatric anesthesiology practice: Epidermolysis Bullosa (EB). By introducing IV Clear®—a transparent, occlusive dressing—into our practice, we are now able to provide care without damaging our EB patients’ fragile skin. This dressing actively reduces the risk of infection, increases the visibility of the catheter, and has improved our care and patient and family satisfaction. Kim Strupp MD, FAAP and Norah Janosy, MD, agree that IV Clear® is indeed transformational.

At the International Anesthesia Research Society meeting in Denver, Colorado on April 14, 2023, the physicians from Children’s Hospital of Colorado (CHCO) shared the promising research results they had collected from using the IV Clear® dressing in EB patients. To date, there have been no reports of skin damage or other adverse effects proven to be caused by the product, as the record of 20 EB patients attests.

One patient in particular used the dressing during an extended hospital stay, with all applications achieving successful outcomes. As a result, CHCO highly recommends the use of IV Clear® for EB patients to promote safety and securement of indwelling catheter placement without causing injury.

At Covalon, we are passionate about improving patient care through compassionate and innovative solutions. Our latest product, IV Clear®, ensures that patients can go through their journey with comfort and without the detriments of trauma, tears, and setbacks due to dressings. We are 100% committed to delivering a better, safer, and more comfortable healing experience.

Covalon’s IV Clear® is the ideal securement dressing to be used on at-risk patients due to its atraumatic silicone adhesive and dual antimicrobial properties. It helps reduce the risk of skin injuries upon removal while efficiently preventing central line-associated bloodstream infections (CLABSIs) as part of a comprehensive CLABSI prevention bundle. Keep your patients comfortable and safe with Covalon’s infection prevention solutions!

CovaClear® IV offers an innovative solution for protecting patients from skin injuries—eliminating the need for antimicrobials. The soft silicone adhesive technology incorporated into the product ensures maximum safety and comfort for those who either cannot tolerate or do not need antimicrobial treatments.

Experience the revolutionary IV Clear®: the world’s only dual-antimicrobial vascular access dressing that offers complete transparency and enables easy daily assessment of the insertion site. Its soft silicone adhesive technology minimizes skin injuries, preserves the skin barrier functions and incorporates safe amounts of antimicrobials that don’t sacrifice on effectiveness or cause chemical irritation. Get the protection you need—IV Clear® ensures reliable vascular access with maximum safety.

VALGuard® is an innovative and FDA approved solution to help protect catheter hubs and line connections from external germ contamination. With an easy to tear quick-release pull strip, medical practitioners can swiftly open access ports for fast infusion and easily remove the shield when necessary. VALGuard® is a clear, reliable barrier designed to give peace of mind and safeguard patients from bacteria, bodily fluids, and other secretions.

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