Breakthrough Treatment Gets FDA Greenlight: ExThera Medical Enters New Era of Growth

ExThera Medical, the developer of the revolutionary Seraph® 100 Microbind® Affinity Blood Filter (Seraph 100), is proud to welcome Michael DiMeo as Chief Financial Officer! Michael brings with him an invaluable wealth of experience in life science, including oncolytics and exosome diagnostics, as well as financial expertise regarding MedTech capital structuring.

Reporting directly to Robert Ward, Ph.D., NAE, the CEO and founder of ExThera Medical, Michael is poised to help this cutting-edge organization excel even further in our industry.

ExThera is thrilled to welcome Michael Thomas, an accomplished professional in financial management and MedTech structuring, to join their team! Michael’s expertise is invaluable and will help the company grow and mature, enabling them to reach the next level of success, both operationally and financially.

Robert Ward and Erin Borger, Director and ExThera Board Member respectively, equally share a high level of enthusiasm for Michael’s arrival, citing his important contributions needed for large-scale growth.

ExThera Medical is proud to launch a pioneering oncology initiative with the guidance of three experienced oncology veterans from the in vitro diagnostic and therapeutic space. To make this venture a success, they have teamed up with Trusted Health Advisors and created an expert advisory team. With their help, ExThera Medical aims to provide revolutionary solutions that will greatly benefit those battling illnesses related to oncology.

Jay Wohlgemuth, M.D., is a highly-acclaimed medical professional who has worked as Chief Medical Officer of the industry-leading Quest Diagnostics. In this role, he has been responsible for spearheading research and development, managing medical affairs, and overseeing laboratory quality. His knowledge and experience in the field is sought after and widely respected – a true testament to his achievements in healthcare.

Dr. Frank Cockerill, M.D., is a renowned global leader in the field of diagnostic testing for infectious diseases. Before his retirement, he was the Chair of the Department of Laboratory Medicine and Pathology at the Mayo Clinic and the President of Mayo Medical Laboratories. He is highly regarded for his forward-thinking approach in the development of novel testing techniques to help accurately diagnose and treat infectious diseases.

Dr. Peter Kuhn is a leading expert in the field of cancer diagnosis and treatment, having amassed a wealth of experience across multiple disciplines. As Professor at the intersection of Biological Sciences, Medicine, Biomedical Engineering, Aerospace/Mechanical Engineering and Urology, he has dedicated his work to developing cancer diagnostic products that will revolutionize the way cancer is treated and diagnosed, ultimately improving outcomes for all patients.

ExThera’s revolutionary OncoBind™ Procedure recently received FDA approval after Independent Laboratories confirmed the efficiency of its Seraph 100 pathogen binding technology in efficiently removing circulating tumor cells from human blood. This approval marks a step forward in the evolution of cancer treatment, providing a viable option to help stop the spread of cancer.

ExThera is revolutionizing the treatment and prevention of metastatic cancer, not just with therapeutic options but also with a highly sensitive and specific diagnostic platform currently in development. With an eye on the regulatory pathways, they are poised to make a major impact on the medical field.

About ExThera Medical Corporation

ExThera Medical Corporation’s path-breaking extracorporeal blood filtration device, the Seraph® 100 Microbind® Affinity Blood Filter, is revolutionizing the world of critical care. From nosocomial hospital-acquired infections, to community and battlefield wounds, this breakthrough filter has been proven to save lives with its remarkable efficacy in treating sepsis, COVID-19 and other severe infections.

This cutting-edge technology has received several regulatory approvals, including Europe’s CE mark and US FDA Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) for treatment of COVID-19. ExThera Medical’s device has garnered considerable attention and success in the US, EU, and the Middle East, showing no signs of slowing down in its capacity to provide lifesaving health benefits to healthcare professionals and patients alike.

About Seraph 100

Seraph 100 is a revolutionary blood filter that targets and captures harmful pathogens and substances present in the bloodstream, without introducing any additional elements. This is made possible through its advanced technology, featuring specially-designed beads that mimic human cell receptors to attract the pathogens and adsorb them on its surface.

As a result, Seraph not only fulfils its primary purpose of capturing bacteria, viruses, fungi, and harmful substances, but also helps to limit the damage caused by sepsis and organ failure.

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