Bringing Life-Changing Relief to Patients: Coherus Announces U.S. Launch of UDENYCA® Autoinjector

Coherus BioSciences, Inc. (Nasdaq: CHRS), is proud to introduce its revolutionary single-dose, prefilled UDENYCA® (pegfilgrastim-cbqv) autoinjector to the United States market. UDENYCA® is an incredibly effective pegfilgrastim biosimilar designed to help reduce the chances of infection in patients receiving chemotherapy. Administering in less than 10 seconds, this streamlined autoinjector provides a simple and convenient way of providing care, whether in an office or at home.

The introduction of UDENYCA® autoinjector offers independent patients with a busy lifestyle, or those who have difficulty returning to the office the day after chemotherapy, a convenient option for easily administering at-home treatments. As Medical Director of NYU Langone Arena Oncology, Francis Arena, M.D., expresses “This gives us more choice in meeting our patients’ needs, and the simple administration gives confidence in at-home administration.”

With the autoinjector, more people are able to have more flexible options with their treatments, allowing them to take care of their own health independently and with confidence.

At Coherus, we are proud to introduce UDENYCA® AI, the newest home administration option for pegfilgrastim. Our goal is to be the only pegfilgrastim product with three presentation options and maximize our market share growth. Through market research, we have found that patients value quick administration, ease of use, and a sense of control and independence when it comes to their at-home treatment options.

UDENYCA® AI provides providers and health plans with a reliable option to increase access for patients. And with the anticipated launch of our proprietary on-body injector later this year, if approved, UDENYCA® will become the only pegfilgrastim product offering all three presentation options.

At Coherus, we are passionate about innovating to meet the needs of cancer patients. That’s why we are delighted to offer UDENYCA® AI, a breakthrough solution designed to simplify their journey in a more meaningful way.

UDENYCA® AI is revolutionizing how therapeutics are delivered with its user-friendly features that are designed to ensure successful administration. Backed by a comprehensive data package and a clinical study which demonstrated that UDENYCA delivered with the new AI system was pharmacokinetically, pharmacodynamically and immunologically comparable to prefilled syringes, approval for UDENYCA® AI was effortlessly granted. This remarkable advancement offers a safe and hassle-free delivery solution, making it an ideal choice for healthcare professionals.

Explore the ease of UDENYCA® AI, the innovative granulocyte-macrophage colony stimulating factor (GM-CSF) for use in certain cancers. Get the same permanent, product-specific Q-Code (Q5111) and unique NDC number of 70114-0120-01.

Enjoy a discounted list price of just $4,175—a 35% discount4 from the reference product—and benefit from comprehensive practice and patient support from UDENYCA Solutions™. Access this life-changing medication through all major distributors today!


UDENYCA® is the only pegfilgrastim product that offers three innovative and convenient on-demand options– pre-filled syringe, autoinjector and, if approved by the FDA, a proprietary on-body injector (OBI). Over 263,000 patients have been treated with UDENYCA® since its introduction in 2019, making it the preferred option when it comes to convenience and effectiveness.

As a drug manufactured in the United States, UDENYCA® is well-positioned to meet market demands and provide a much-desired alternative to the originator’s on-body pegfilgrastim delivery system.

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