Bryn Pharma Strengthens Leadership Team Ahead of Launching Innovative UTULY™ Needle-Free Epinephrine Nasal Spray

Bryn Pharma, LLC, the innovative pharmaceutical company committed to revolutionising the way patients and carers approach type 1 anaphylactic reactions, is proud to welcome its newly appointed leaders: Jeff Evans, now Head of Manufacturing Operations; Dr. Karen Rance, now Head of Medical Affairs; Jeremy Shepler, Head of Sales and Marketing; and Brian Tabakin, Head of Market Access. The team come together as the company is eagerly preparing to launch UTULY™, a self-administered epinephrine treatment for type 1 allergic reactions, including anaphylaxis.

Bryn is taking a major stride in commercializing its innovative therapy to provide people with anaphylaxis an affordable, needle-free epinephrine nasal spray that is also convenient with rapid uptake of epinephrine by welcoming Jeff, Karen, Jeremy, and Brian to the team.

CEO Sandy Loreaux is thrilled to have such seasoned executives with perfectly aligned skill sets and deep industry experience on board. This broadened team will help ensure a successful launch and market entry for UTULY.

With twenty years of experience in the pharmaceutical/biotech industry, Jeremy Shepler has been innovatively revolutionizing the industry since his promotion as Vice President of Injectable GLP-1 Marketing in 2015.

As the mastermind behind the unprecedented agile/phased launch approach adopted by Novo Nordisk and beyond, he was integral in the growth of the breakthrough blockbuster Ozempic® as it rose to the level of a household name.

Currently, Jeremy serves as Head of Sales and Marketing for Bryn, where he is responsible for dramatically increasing their sales force and developing an overall brand strategy. His impressive education includes graduating from Bentley University with a BS and successfully completing the Wharton School of Business Executive Leadership Program.

Brian Tabakin leads Bryn’s Head of Market Access, leveraging years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry to drive access profitability. He oversees pricing, access, contracting, and channel distribution strategies for payers, PBMs, specialty and retail pharmacies, GPOs, wholesalers, and distributors. Prior to joining Bryn, Brian was Vice President, Head of Market Access for Sunovion Pharmaceuticals, where he led a 135-person Market Access team.

Prior to that, he was with Sanofi. Brian’s creative and analytical skills come together to tackle the ever-changing landscape of market access, interpreting it to best reach physicians and their patients. His business acumen was fine-tuned at Penn State University, where he earned his BBA in Finance and Business Logistics, and sharpened in the Babson Executive Leadership Program.

Dr. Karen Rance, DNP, CPNP, is an accomplished healthcare professional with a vast array of experience in the allergy, asthma, and immunology field. She currently serves as the Head of Medical Affairs for Bryn, where she is responsible for providing medical education and fostering relationships with both patients and professionals in the anaphylaxis community.

Prior to her tenure at Bryn, she held a variety of influential positions, including the North American Head of Medical Affairs for ALK Abello Global Pharmaceutical company and as the Industry Chair of the Allergy College of Allergy, Asthma, and Immunology Corporate Council.

Karen also has a strong background of involvement in organizations, having served on the National Institutes of Health’s National Asthma Education and Prevention Program workgroup, the National Association of Pediatric Nurse Practitioners Asthma Clinical Expert Panel, and on the Board of Directors of the National Asthma Education Certification Board, among many others.

She was the Founding Chair of the NAPNAP’s Asthma and Allergy Special Interest Group and President of the Indiana Joint Asthma Coalition. She has presented at numerous conferences over her extensive career such as the American Academy of Allergy, Asthma, and Immunology (AAAAI).

Jeff Evans is the Head of Manufacturing Operations at Bryn, where he leads the team across all aspects of manufacturing, ensuring products meet the highest quality standards. With 18 years of healthcare medical device experience, Jeff held a variety of assignments with Johnson & Johnson Vision Care, General Electric Transportation Systems, and TRC Companies, Inc. His career in product innovation spans multiple launches including combination drug-device products and the first combination product contact lens.

Jeff holds a degree in mechanical engineering from the United States Military Academy and is an experienced Six Sigma Master Black Belt. Prior to his career in the private sector, Jeff served as an infantry officer for eight years. Jeff is passionate about leading cross-functional teams to deliver products that exceed the highest expectations.

About Bryn Pharma

At Bryn Pharma, we proudly bring an accessible, easy-to-use alternative to the epinephrine autoinjector market. Founded in 2017 by patients for patients, we are passionate about making it easier for those at risk of anaphylaxis to be prepared for an unexpected life-threatening allergic reaction. Our goal is to positively disrupt the current market with our Better Way and provide a crucial safety tool for all.

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