Candida Auris PCR Assay Adoption Skyrockets Around the World

BioGX is revolutionizing the way healthcare providers test for Candida auris, a rapidly spreading fungus with a global presence in hospitals and long-term care facilities. With their Sample-Ready™ PCR Assay*, they have seen an accelerated adoption rate for this high performance test, which can be validated by laboratories on a variety of real-time PCR instruments, including the BD MAX, ThermoFisher QuantStudio, BioRAD CFX Touch and the new BioGX pixl™ platform. This tests comes ready-made in a single lyophilized tube, offering convenience and accuracy to healthcare providers.

BioGX is proud to have achieved success in validating and implementing its platform agnostic Candida auris PCR assay in numerous public health laboratories and hospitals. We are delighted that our trusted solutions are serving to fulfill the urgent need to detect this pathogen.

President & COO, Shahin Iqbal, PhD: “We are immensely fortunate that our valued customers have placed their trust in us to address the unmet demand.”

Dr. Margie Morgan, Director of Clinical Microbiology Pathology and Laboratory Medicine at Cedars Sinai Hospital in California, has expressed her enthusiasm regarding the BioGX Candida auris PCR assay. “This assay provides a fast and sensitive method to track surveillance for our patients,” she said.

Real-time results through the assay have enabled the Epidemiology team to quickly take necessary isolation precautions, proving effective in preventing the spread of C. auris in the medical center.

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