Cantex and Michigan Medicine Launch Groundbreaking Clinical Study to Test the Power of Azeliragon in Treating Hospitalized COVID-19 Patients

Cantex Pharmaceuticals Inc. and Michigan Medicine have joined forces to launch a groundbreaking clinical study that has the potential to save lives. This randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled, multicenter, phase 2/3 study will investigate the safety and efficacy of azeliragon in reducing the risk of acute kidney injury and other life-threatening complications in COVID-19 patients. If successful, this could be a major breakthrough in the fight against this deadly virus.

Cantex’s azeliragon is a revolutionary way to protect against COVID-19 complications such as lung and kidney failure. By blocking the receptor for advanced glycation end products (RAGE), this oral inhibitor can help prevent excessive activation of RAGE, which has been linked to life-threatening complications of COVID-19.

Additionally, the drug has been found to block the effects of suPAR, a protein produced by the immune system that can cause acute kidney injury for those with severe COVID-19. Pre-clinical studies have confirmed azeliragon’s ability to protect against these complications.

The potential of Cantex’s azeliragon to inhibit suPAR signaling and its harmful effects means it could be used to treat a broad range of life-altering and life-threatening kidney diseases, as well as severe COVID-19 cases.

According to Salim Hayek, M.D. the Medical Director of University of Michigan Health Frankel Cardiovascular Center Clinics, research into suPAR’s role in health and disease has confirmed its role in cardiovascular and kidney diseases. As such, azeliragon’s ability to inhibit suPAR could revolutionize the way we treat these diseases.

We are thrilled to collaborate with renowned physician Dr. Hayek and his esteemed colleagues at Michigan Medicine to conduct a crucial clinical trial which examines the use of azeliragon in the prevention and treatment of a wide range of acute and chronic kidney diseases.

This study marks an exciting expansion of the indications for which azeliragon is being researched, which already includes the treatment of various major cancers, such as primary and metastatic brain cancer, neoadjuvant therapy of breast cancer, and metastatic pancreatic cancer, as well as life-threatening inflammatory conditions, including severe COVID-19 and acute kidney injury in critically ill patients.

About Azeliragon

Azeliragon, previously known as TTP488, has been licensed by Cantex from vTv Therapeutics Inc. (NASDAQ:VTVT). This orally active, small molecule antagonist of the receptor for advanced glycation end products (RAGE) was discovered by vTv and has gone through extensive clinical trials for Alzheimer’s disease.

Despite a lack of efficacy in this particular disease, the safety data collected from more than 2000 patients treated with azeliragon for up to 18 months demonstrated its excellent safety profile. Moreover, evidence suggests that RAGE-ligand interactions might be fundamental in cancer and other inflammatory diseases, making azeliragon a promising target for further research.

About Cantex Pharmaceuticals, Inc. 

Cantex Pharmaceuticals, Inc. is a pioneering force in the world of cutting-edge medicine. We are a privately held, clinical-stage pharmaceutical company dedicated to developing life-saving treatments for cancer and other serious medical issues. Our commitment to pushing the boundaries of medical technology helps us to provide patients with promising new treatments that can help them live longer, healthier lives.

About Michigan Medicine

At Michigan Medicine, we strive to be the best and make a positive impact on our community and beyond. Our team of dedicated professionals provide exceptional care in our five hospitals, 125 clinics, and home care operations, serving over 2.3 million outpatient visits annually.

Moreover, we are committed to educating the next generation of medical professionals and scientists in our U-M Medical School, ensuring that we remain a leader in health and medical care.

The University of Michigan Medicine is one of the nation’s premier medical institutions, housing the renowned U-M Medical School and University of Michigan Health. With total research funding of over half a billion dollars, U-M Medical School is a powerhouse of biomedical research.

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