Cardiff Oncology Launches Revolutionary CAR T Cells to Combat Cancer with Fairooz Kabbinavar, MD, FACP as Chief Medical Officer

CoImmune, Inc., a clinical stage immuno-oncology company working to revolutionize cancer treatment with cutting-edge cellular immunotherapies, has unveiled exciting preclinical results in Blood, the leading journal in hematology. OrexiCAR technology, which engineers CAR T cells to secrete a CD47-SIRPĪ± checkpoint blocker, has been found to improve anti-tumor activity and reverse myeloid immunosuppression in tumors. These findings offer a new approach to treating cancer and could provide hope to countless patients.

Dr. David Scheinberg of Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center (MSK) and his team have made a groundbreaking discovery: the invention of OrexiCAR T cells, a revolutionary technology licensed to CoImmune. OrexiCAR T cells are designed to locally secrete a high affinity CD47-blocker, CV1, at the tumor site, and were tested on human lymphoma-bearing xenograft mice in combination with an orthogonally targeted monoclonal antibody, rituximab. This innovative therapy is paving the way for the future of cancer treatment.

The combination of OrexiCAR T cells and rituximab proved to be a powerful force in the fight against lymphoma, with tumor regressions and improved mouse survival rates observed without any additional toxicities.

At day 86 post tumor engraftment, OrexiCAR T cells had a striking effect on mice, with 80 percent of treated mice showing no detectable tumor, compared to just 25 percent of those treated with wild type CAR T cells and rituximab.

Treatment with OrexiCAR T cells resulted in significantly better median overall survival in comparison to conventional therapies involving wild type CAR T cells in combination with rituximab or CV1 plus rituximab. This groundbreaking approach offers a promising solution for those suffering from malignant B-cell disorders.

In a remarkable breakthrough, OrexiCAR-secreted CV1 was able to reverse tumor-induced immunosuppression in myelomonocytoid cells both in-vitro and within the tumor microenvironment. This finding has the potential to revolutionize the treatment of cancers and other diseases.

In an exciting new development, researchers have found that OrexiCAR T cells are safe to use in mice, providing a potential treatment option for a range of diseases and disorders. This breakthrough has opened up a world of possibilities, offering the potential to improve the quality of life for countless individuals.

CoImmune and Memorial Sloan Kettering (MSK) are collaborating to develop an innovative immunotherapy platform, CAR-CIK, to treat solid tumors that have been notoriously resistant to CAR T therapies. This groundbreaking platform works to mitigate tumor escape by targeting antigens and reducing tumor-induced immunosuppression. By leveraging cutting-edge technology, this collaboration hopes to revolutionize the science of immunotherapy and expand the efficacy of CAR T therapies to a wider range of cancer types.

In October 2021, CoImmune made a groundbreaking acquisition, acquiring the rights to MSK’s Synthetic Enzyme-Armed Killer (SEAKER) cells. These revolutionary cells are able to seek out the tumor site and generate a potent anticancer drug locally, without systemic toxicity. This remarkable technology is being referred to as a “micropharmacy” and is sure to revolutionize the way cancer is treated.

Dr. Scheinberg’s research has revolutionized the field of CAR T cell therapy, proving that it is possible to engineer human T cells to express both a CAR and a CD47 checkpoint blocker while preserving the cells’ functional capabilities. This dual approach to activating the immune system could potentially overcome the challenges posed by tumor antigen loss, heterogeneity and immunosuppression, as the local secretion of the CD47 inhibitor bypasses the CD47 sink found on all cells in the body, thereby avoiding systemic toxicities.

About CoImmune, Inc.

CoImmune is a cutting-edge immuno-oncology company that is revolutionizing the way cancer is treated. Our proprietary CAR-CIK and RNA-loaded dendritic cell technologies are designed to maximize efficacy and minimize toxicity, giving patients a better chance at beating cancer. Our allogeneic CAR-CIK technology platform can be used to treat both liquid and solid tumors, while our autologous RNA-loaded dendritic cell technology specifically targets solid tumors. With these innovative treatments, we are committed to changing the cancer landscape for the better.

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