Celebrating 50 Years of Improved Cardiovascular Health – OMRON Healthcare’s History with Blood Pressure Monitors

This year, OMRON Healthcare Co., Ltd. celebrates 50 years of producing the world’s most accurate and consumer-friendly blood pressure monitors. With more than 350 million units sold in over 110 countries since the launch of the first manual and manometer-type blood pressure monitor in 1973, OMRON has continued its mission to make healthcare easier and more accessible to its global users. Join us in congratulating OMRON on 50 years of innovation in advancing healthcare technology!

In 1991, the Company made a radical breakthrough with the launch of the world’s first automated blood pressure monitor with Innovative fuzzy logic technology for improved accuracy and user-friendliness. Since then, the Company has been actively developing technologically advanced products to make home blood pressure monitoring easier and more accurate.

From developing the pre-formed cuff for secure and convenient wear, to expanding the range of support functions to ensure correct posture, the Company has been devoted to providing customers with the best possible experience.

OMRON is dedicated to educating medical professionals on the advantages of home blood pressure monitoring by developing and distributing top of the line, clinically valid devices. One of the areas that the Company is particularly known for is supporting the Ohasama Study in 1986 that took place in Ohasama, Iwate Prefecture.

Over 300 units of OMRON blood pressure monitors were given in order to combat the community’s increase in cardiovascular diseases due to cold weather. After 35 years, the findings of the study have revealed how much benefit home blood pressure monitoring can bring, and the results have been put to use in international hypertension management guidelines.

OMRON is taking bold steps to embrace digital technology in order to better manage blood pressure. The WellnessLINK health management service, launched in 2010, is available in 140 countries through their smartphone app OMRON connect. To add to that, in 2020, they launched a remote patient monitoring service in the United States.

This service allows users to easily share their blood pressure readings at home with physicians, promoting preventative heart health care. OMRON offers a wide array of products and services designed to support hypertension treatments and care.

Omron Healthcare is revolutionizing the healthcare industry with innovative devices. Leading the way is their groundbreaking HeartGuide, the world’s first wearable blood pressure monitor that is clinically accurate.

Moreover, their upper-arm blood pressure monitor now features built-in ECG technology, allowing for the early detection of atrial fibrillation, a major risk factor for cardiogenic brain embolism. Through these technologies, Omron Healthcare is changing how healthcare is delivered to create a more secure and confident future.

On the landmark occasion of the 50th anniversary of the launch of OMRON blood pressure monitors, we at OMRON Healthcare Co., Ltd would like to extend our immense gratitude to our customers for their unwavering support.

Sadly enough, heart and stroke related ailments are among the leading causes of death worldwide; and with an aging global population, the number of those affected is set to only grow further. Here at OMRON Healthcare, we are passionate about ‘Going for ZERO’ and are fully dedicated to helping people live healthier and longer lives by providing them with quality products and services.

The development of blood pressure monitors is an fascinating journey that has spanned centuries and influenced the lives of millions of people. From rudimentary observations to modern-day digital monitors, the progression of blood pressure monitoring has revolutionised medical care and improved the lives of countless individuals.

Through medical trial and error, inventors pushed the boundaries of science and technology and created an invaluable tool for healthcare providers. A remarkable story of ambition and achievement, the history of blood pressure monitors is awe-inspiring.

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