Cellular Origins Teams Up With ScaleReady to Revolutionize Cell Therapy Manufacturing

Cellular Origins, a TTP Company specializing in cost-effective, efficient, and scalable cell and gene therapy (CGT) manufacture, is teaming up with ScaleReady—a joint venture of Bio-Techne, Fresenius Kabi, and Wilson Wolf—to automate portions of their CGT production process.

Through this partnership, ScaleReady’s expert process development tools, technologies, and know-how will be combined with Cellular Origins’ robotic system for sterile liquid transfer, ultimately streamlining and accelerating the production of CGTs.

As the power of cellular and gene therapy (CGT) to treat diseases such as cancer becomes increasingly clear, finding a cost-effective and scaled-up approach to CGT manufacturing is essential. ScaleReady is leading the way, with a focus on simplicity and repeatability as the key to a scalable solution.

To make this a reality, the company is integrating Cellular Origins’ robotic system, which will reduce the reliance on labor-intensive and error-prone sterile interconnections. This is an exciting development that will revolutionize CGT manufacturing.

ScaleReady and Cellular Origins have joined forces to revolutionize the production of Cell and Gene Therapies (CGTs), beginning with ScaleReady’s G-Rex® manufacturing platform. The first step of this collaboration is to standardize and automate the interconnections between the G-Rex’s modules, so as to eliminate any variability in manual connection techniques.

Additionally, the next steps will include automating additional components of ScaleReady’s workflow, such as the robotic movement of G-Rex into and out of incubators. This integration promises to make the production of CGTs more efficient, reliable, and cost-effective, which will benefit therapy developers around the world.

Cellular Origins CEO Dr. Edwin Stone expressed excitement about the collaboration with ScaleReady, emphasizing the versatility of their robotic system. The integration of the system into existing workflows will allow therapy developers to access scalable, cost-effective advanced therapy manufacture without needing to go through the process of redeveloping their processes. This is an exciting step forward for the industry of cell-based therapies.

ScaleReady is thrilled to announce its partnership with Cellular Origins, taking a major leap forward in its mission to streamline and standardize CGT manufacturing. By tackling the liquid handling issue and demonstrating the effectiveness of a basic, modular, and scalable strategy in automation, ScaleReady and Cellular Origins are paving the way for therapies to extend to larger patient groups and primary treatments.

Through this collaboration, therapy developers will now be able to implement automation when it is most beneficial, and when their products require it. According to Commercial Director at ScaleReady, Joe Ludwig, this partnership will offer unprecedented opportunities for the field.

Cellular Origins and ScaleReady are thrilled to be part of the International Society for Cell and Gene Therapy (ISCT) Annual Meeting in Paris, 31 May – 3 June. Swing by Booth #4 and Booth #84 to check out the live technology demonstrations and learn more about the cutting-edge products and services they offer! Don’t miss out on this exciting opportunity to explore the world of cell and gene therapy – see you there!

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