Charting New Horizons: Treace Medical Concepts Welcomes Nathan Minnich as Architect of Marketing Excellence, Senior Vice President

PONTE VEDRA’s New Maestro of Innovation: Treace Medical Concepts Welcomes Nathan Minnich as Sr. Vice President, Unleashing a New Era of Surgical Excellence

PONTE VEDRA, Fla., Aug. 21, 2023 — Brace yourselves for a symphony of transformative change as Treace Medical Concepts, Inc. (“Treace” or the “Company”) (NasdaqGS: TMCI), the avant-garde of medical technology, orchestrates a grand crescendo in the realm of surgical innovation. Today, the stage lights shine brightly on Nathan Minnich, who steps into the spotlight as the new Senior Vice President of Marketing, an appointment that reverberates with promise.

In this pivotal role, Mr. Minnich takes the baton, poised to lead the harmonious choreography of Treace’s marketing endeavors. His mission: to expand the boundaries of physician outreach, unfurl the banner of patient awareness, and chart uncharted territories of market penetration. The curtains rise on a new era, as Treace aims to rewrite the playbook on surgical treatments, particularly for hallux valgus, known more colloquially as bunions, through its revolutionary Lapiplasty® 3D Bunion Correction™ Procedure.

A visionary, John T. Treace, CEO, Founder, and Board Member of Treace, heralds this new chapter, declaring, “Nathan’s entrance into the Treace family marks a milestone in our journey. His accolades in carving successful paths in marketing and direct-to-consumer strategies for healthcare businesses speak volumes. From shaping blueprints at Align Technology to crafting crescendos of success, he is set to amplify our revenue growth, ignite patient awareness campaigns, and unveil new stars in our constellation—SpeedPlate™ Implant Fixation Platform and Micro-Lapiplasty™ System. Treace’s horizon is ablaze with opportunity, and Nathan’s baton will surely quicken our strides.”

Nathan Minnich, the protagonist of this unfolding narrative, shares his enthusiasm, “The canvas is vast, and the hues of possibility beckon. I’m thrilled to join the ranks of Treace, as together we embark on a quest to reshape the surgical realm, particularly in bunion and midfoot deformities. Treace’s Lapiplasty® 3D Bunion Correction™ Procedure and Adductoplasty® Midfoot Correction System are not just solutions; they are revolutions, poised to disrupt one of orthopedics’ largest and most underserved domains.”

Behold Mr. Minnich, an alchemist of marketing prowess, a luminary with a history steeped in healthcare and medical device domains. As the former Vice President, Americas, at Align Technology, Inc., he orchestrated symphonies of consumer marketing and business innovation, with the Invisalign® System as his muse. From there, his journey led him to the shores of Treace, bearing the torch of transformation.

His tales resonate with the spirit of innovation, having guided the ship as Vice President of Neuromodulation at LivaNova PLC. Throughout his voyage, he has held illustrious roles, weaving magic at UCB, AstraZeneca, and Johnson & Johnson. The journey of learning bestowed upon him a B.S. in Health Policy & Administration from Penn State University and an M.B.A. from Centenary University.

As the curtain rises on this captivating act, Ponte Vedra’s Treace Medical Concepts braces itself for a standing ovation in the theater of surgical ingenuity. Nathan Minnich takes center stage, holding the baton that will conduct a symphony of transformation, setting new standards and defying the boundaries of what’s possible.

Forward-Looking Statements

In this dynamic press release, we venture into the future with forward-looking statements that defy the bounds of time—much like our Company’s ambitious pursuits. As we step into the spotlight, envision a path paved with growth opportunities that we are poised to seize, propelling us toward market excellence and setting a new standard in the treatment of hallux valgus.

Our journey is guided by management’s foresight, weaving assumptions and expectations into a tapestry of possibility. Yet, amidst this tapestry, threads of uncertainty dance, adding intrigue to the narrative. Some elements elude prediction, standing as enigmatic challenges and thrilling prospects.

Dive into the Risk Factors section of Treace’s public filings, and you’ll uncover the raw, unfiltered reality behind our aspirations—the same reality that fuels our determination. From the pages of our Annual Report to the revelations of our Quarterly Report, our story unfolds. Remember, these forward-looking statements are a glimpse into what may lie ahead, not a crystal-clear prediction.

Time marches on, and so do we, fueled by our passion. Our words here echo only until the next chapter begins, for we’re committed to embracing the future’s twists and turns with an open heart, untethered by the past.

About Treace Medical Concepts

Step into the innovative world of Treace Medical Concepts, Inc., a trailblazing medical technology company on a mission to redefine the way we approach bunion and midfoot deformities. Imagine a realm where 3D complexities meet surgical mastery, where Bunions—a puzzle-like challenge—take center stage.

With a touch of pioneering brilliance, Treace has unveiled the Lapiplasty® 3D Bunion Correction™ System, a symphony of instruments, implants, and surgical prowess. This ingenious system dances through all three dimensions of the bunion deformity, embracing the unstable joint that sparks trouble, and finally addressing the bunion’s core.

As you read, envision 65 million lives touched by the potential of transformation, as Bunions lose their grip on the active lives they once hindered. Among these lives, 1.1 million annually stand as hopeful surgical candidates, ready to embark on a journey of change. But that’s not all—Treace’s brilliance doesn’t stop at bunions.

Introducing the Adductoplasty® Midfoot Correction System, a toolkit designed to weave reproducible magic into midfoot surgeries. This isn’t just about fixing feet; it’s about reigniting lifestyles. The future is now, and it’s being shaped by Treace—where innovation meets humanity, and the journey to better tomorrows takes its first exhilarating step.

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