Chris Moxham Elevated to Presidency at Rarity Base

Rarebase, the innovative biotechnology company that is revolutionizing drug discovery and development at record speed, scale, and capital efficiency, is excited to announce that Chris Moxham, Ph.D., has been promoted to its newly formed role of President.

Moxham, who will remain the company’s Chief Scientific Officer, will shape the strategy for its ambitious growth plan. With his newly expanded role, Moxham will be instrumental in propelling Rarebase to new heights.

“At Rarebase, we’re thrilled to announce the appointment of Chris to the role of Chief Operations Officer. Chris is a passionate leader and deeply committed to improving the lives of those living with rare diseases.

With Chris at the helm, we have a terrific opportunity to further accelerate our drug-gene atlas progress, as well as to potentially discover treatments for hundreds of rare diseases. We could not be more excited to have him on board!”

Chris Higgins has been promoted within Rarebase, a company designed to leverage partnerships with patient communities and biopharma to maximize value creation and make a positive impact for those living with rare diseases. His promotion is a direct reflection of his strategic and operational contributions since joining the company.

With decades of experience in drug hunting and executive leadership, John Lee of JAZZ Venture Partners highlighted how he will play a critical role in Rarebase achieving its ambitious mission.

Chris Moxham has demonstrated tremendous expertise in drug discovery and drughunting that has helped him to shine across large pharma and biotech firms for more than 25 years. His most remarkable achievement is with Eli Lilly and Co where he was able to bring over 10 molecules into the clinic in various therapeutic areas.

His career is further strengthened by his experience as CSO at Fulcrum Therapeutics, a clinical stage biotech focused on rare diseases. Here, he led the company in preclinical portfolio advancement through Phase 1 clinical trials, included the FTX-6058 trial for Sickle Cell Disease. Beyond this, Chris has been responsible for the company’s successful business deals and investments.

I am immensely proud and humbled to take on this new role as Rare Disease Lead at SyntheX. At SyntheX, our revolutionary product engine is geared towards the simultaneous discovery of treatments for hundreds of monogenic diseases – the greatest unexplored area in human health.

I have great faith in my team of talented scientists, engineers and operational professionals, and I am committed to doing everything in my power to improve the lives of rare disease sufferers.

About Rarebase, PBC

Rarebase is breathing new life into drug development with their revolutionary platform, which promises to discover and develop medicines faster, with greater scale and accuracy – all while saving on capital costs. A true game-changer in the biotech world, Rarebase offers a glimpse of the future of drug development.

Rarebase is on a mission to bring a better life to 400 million people around the world living with rare diseases – through innovative product engineering. With a powerful product engine designed to discover treatments for hundreds of monogenic diseases all at once, Rarebase has unlocked the largest untapped drug discovery potential in the field of human health.

By creating a “drug-gene atlas” powered by AI, the California-based company has already uncovered potential treatments for hundreds of rare diseases. Amazingly, these treatments could bring relief, hope and a vastly improved quality of life to millions of people suffering with rare diseases across the globe.

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