Cleveland Diagnostics Unveils Prostate Cancer Awareness Blitz: Get Ready for the ‘A PSA on PSA’ Month!

“Empowering Change: Cleveland Diagnostics’ Dynamic Prostate Cancer Campaign Puts ‘A PSA on PSA'”

CLEVELAND, August 30, 2023— Brace for impact as Cleveland Diagnostics, the vanguard of biotechnology, ignites its first-ever Prostate Cancer Awareness Campaign this September with a resonating theme: ‘A PSA on PSA.’

The stage is set, and on September 1, the curtain rises on this groundbreaking initiative. An entire month of enlightenment, support, and action unfolds. Patients, families, and caregivers are invited to dive into a treasure trove of insight and resources, neatly encapsulated within a fact sheet. These vital documents are designed to guide the way through the labyrinth of prostate cancer—screening, diagnosis, and treatment.

Each download becomes a catalyst for change, as Cleveland Diagnostics pledges a donation to ZERO Prostate Cancer for every fact sheet accessed. And in an electrifying twist, Golf Fights Cancer doubles these contributions throughout September, igniting a beacon of hope.

Dr. Arnon Chait, the President and CEO of Cleveland Diagnostics, articulates the vision, “Our ‘A PSA on PSA’ campaign is a beacon of awareness, designed to spark those crucial conversations between patients and providers. It’s about driving awareness, igniting early detection, and ultimately saving lives. With ZERO Prostate Cancer as our partner, we’re not just advocating change—we’re spearheading it, advancing research, and paving the way for accessibility.”

The stakes are high—1 in every 8 men will face the specter of prostate cancer in their lifetime. It’s a relentless adversary, ranking as the second most common cancer in men, according to the American Cancer Society. At 50, men can step up for prostate cancer screenings every two years, unless the red flag of elevated PSA (prostate-specific antigen) levels is raised. This alarm often leads to a cascade of diagnostic maneuvers, ranging from blood tests to biopsies.

Colony Brown, Chief Marketing Officer of ZERO, chimes in, “By joining forces with Cleveland Diagnostics for the ‘A PSA on PSA’ campaign, we’re arming men with the knowledge to command their prostate health. This educational journey becomes the cornerstone of critical conversations, carving the path to lifesaving actions. The synergy with Cleveland Diagnostics adds a formidable ally to our mission of achieving ZERO Prostate Cancer.”

Cleveland Diagnostics is a fervent advocate of transformation in cancer diagnostics, driven by their innovative IsoPSA test. This revolutionary non-invasive, blood-based test peers into the heart of elevated PSA levels. A beacon for early cancer detection while minimizing unnecessary treatments, this cutting-edge test marks a new era in precision medicine.

Ready to chart a new course, the physician-ordered IsoPSA test is now accessible through Cleveland Diagnostics or select Quest Diagnostics locations. A strategic partnership with Quest Diagnostics amplifies patient access, setting the stage for change in the realm of cancer diagnostics.

About Cleveland Diagnostics, Inc

In the Thriving Hub of Innovation, Cleveland Diagnostics, Inc. Takes Center Stage. This commercial powerhouse is on a mission, crafting a new era in diagnostics that’s poised to redefine cancer care. With a dash of ingenuity, a pinch of lab-friendly magic, and a commitment to affordability, Cleveland Diagnostics is painting a vivid landscape of advanced diagnostic tests, all underpinned by cutting-edge proprietary technology.

At the heart of their revolution lies the mesmerizing Solvent Interaction Analysis™ (SIA) technology. It’s not just about biomarkers; it’s about peering into the very essence of proteins at a structural level, right within the bloodstream. This isn’t just diagnosis; it’s a symphony of precision. The result? A clearer, more direct window into the origins of these proteins on a cellular level. This leap in specificity elevates the diagnostic process, unveiling deeper insights into the disease tapestry beneath.

Cleveland Diagnostics isn’t stopping at prostate cancer. Their horizon is vast, with an array of non-invasive cancer diagnostics ready to emerge. The stage is set, and the spotlight is cast on this dynamic enterprise, as they set their sights on a future where cancer diagnostics embrace new dimensions of accuracy and accessibility.

About ZERO Prostate Cancer

Champions of Change, ZERO Prostate Cancer Ignites a Revolution! At the forefront of this remarkable mission stands the unwavering resolve to banish prostate cancer forever. ZERO is more than an organization; it’s a movement that pulses with purpose, transforming lives, and blazing trails.

In a symphony of research, hope, and action, ZERO carves a path to a monumental vision—ushering in the era of Generation ZERO, the pioneers of a prostate cancer-free world. This journey unfolds with a dynamic run/walk series that ripples with national impact. It resonates in the echoes of education and patient support programs, designed to uplift and empower. It echoes in the chambers of grassroots advocacy, where voices converge to enact change.

ZERO doesn’t just carry a torch; it’s a beacon of transformation. Backed by four-star recognition from Charity Navigator and the steadfast accreditation of the Better Business Bureau, ZERO commands respect. From regional chapters to nationwide influence, every step fuels progress. And here’s the magic: 85 cents of every dollar fuel the flames of research and programs, making every contribution a spark in the blaze against prostate cancer.

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