Create Your Own Mass Spectrometry Analysis AI App with Expert Intelligence’s New Builder!

At the 2023 ASMS conference in Houston, Texas, Expert Intelligence (EI) unveiled its revolutionary AI Application Builder for Mass Spectrometry analysis. This amazing new tool eliminates the need for elaborate AI engineering, allowing scientists to delve into noisy and complex Mass Spec signals with a user-friendly, fast, and visual AI platform. EI’s App Builder gives scientists a powerful new way to better understand this valuable data, removing a significant hurdle and allowing analysis to proceed in a much faster and straightforward manner.

At Expert Intelligence, we’re challenging the existing methods of extraction of hidden patterns in large datasets or creating human-like interactions with AI. By introducing our App Builder specifically tailored towards Mass Spectrometry analysis, we’re giving scientists the liberating experience of being able to create AI models without prior AI knowledge or programming skills. Our innovation takes the complexity and cost out of using AI for scientists, so they can quickly and easily apply their domain knowledge to solve complex queries.

Using AI to create Mass Spec AI

AI App Builder from Expressive Intelligence (EI) speeds up the process of creating powerful AI models from Mass Spec data. In just a few clicks, users can upload their data and select regions of interest in the AI-assisted “Data Canvas.” The background AI modules then take over to create and test the AI model – revolutionizing traditional AI engineering and streamlining the process. Significantly reducing the time and resources needed to generate detailed insights.

EI has revolutionized the AI pipeline with the development of new Ultra Low Data technology that requires just 50 data points for an accurate AI model! This groundbreaking technology is a game-changer for AI, eliminating the need for massive data sets and making AI truly accessible for virtually any analysis. Utilizing reinforcement learning techniques, this powerful new technology promises superior, accurate results.

To ensure top-quality AI inference results, EI has developed the EI Inference App. This innovative app monitors the AI models in real-time, guaranteeing accuracy for every inference. With the EI Inference App, you can rest assured that you’re getting the most accurate results from your AI models every time.

A New Research Tool for Mass Spectrometry Analysis

Say goodbye to manual methods of analysis – scientists can now accelerate their research with the new AI framework! From chemists to biochemists, materials scientists to biologists – anyone can directly create their own AI models to aid in the data analysis process, making research easier and faster than ever before.

From a Mass Spec breathalyzer for Covid detection to an app for identifying cancer cells, the EI App Builder has made impressive progress in a wide variety of applications. It can even differentiate between e-cigarette brands and flavors, to an accuracy rate of 99% and 98% respectively. To top it off, the App Builder has even been utilized for segmenting WBCs from CTCs in blood cancer research with remarkable success. Its capability is truly extraordinary.

Training in the Cloud With Cloud Portal or Local App Deployment

Discover the limitless power of the cloud with Expert Intelligence’s App Builder! Our Saas model takes all the hassle out of managing cloud storage and computing resources, giving you access to the latest GPUs or cost-effective CPUs to handle any size analysis project with ease. Unleash the potential of the AWS cloud with the App Builder – your key to success in the digital age!

Once your AI model is ready for primetime, you can access it through the EI Inference Portal or, take the show on the road, and host your model via the EI Inference App. Get the power of AI at your fingertips, and launch your model into the world!

About Expert Intelligence

EI is revolutionizing how scientists and engineers work with AI. By replacing the need for dedicated AI engineering and making it available in the cloud through its easy-to-use App Builder, EI has made it simpler and more cost-effective than ever before to access powerful AI analysis. Founded in 2020, EI is transforming the way the world works with AI.

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