Crescendo Biologics Boosts Fight Against Solid Tumors With $32M Funding, Broadened CB307 Trial

Crescendo Biologics Ltd is taking exciting steps forward with its clinical trial of CB307, unlocking new possibilities in the fight against cancer. The company has announced plans to expand the trial, combining the effects of CB307 with pembrolizumab (anti-PD-1) and secure additional financing of $32 million to make this possible.

Such is the confidence in the potential of this trial, that this financing is being provided by existing major shareholders and a new investor, Kreos Capital. Through this expansion of the clinical trial, Crescendo is taking a significant step towards its goal of developing novel, targeted T cell enhancing therapeutics. We look forward to the potential results of this trial.

Crescendo’s leading proprietary programme, CB307, is now entering a new stage in its ongoing Phase 1b clinical trial. This expansion cohort is the first of its kind, designed to test the therapeutic effects of its monotherapy in patients with PSMA+ metastatic castration-resistant prostate cancer (mCRPC) in a last-line setting.

With a further pembrolizumab combination planned for Q3 2021, the research holds great promise for those with PSMA+ mCRPC, unlocking the potential for more effective treatments, better results, and brighter futures.

Crescendo Biologics is thrilled to announce the acquisition of additional financing that will allow them to speed up the clinical development of CB307. Presenting their preclinical data at AACR in Orlando, and clinical data from others this year, they hope to further investigate the activity of CB307 paired with pembrolizumab’s co-stimulation of T cells through CD137 agonism. Humbled by the ongoing support of existing investors, they would like to thank the team at Kreos Capital for joining them in their vision.

We are delighted to be partnering with Crescendo and the tremendous potential of the Humabody® VH platform. At Kreos Capital, we recognize the considerable power of Crescendo’s proprietary and partnered programmes and are pleased to offer them our investment model. This action enables Crescendo to rapidly accelerate and execute the broadened clinical plan for CB307. We have tremendous faith in both the Crescendo leadership team and the platform they have created.

About CB307

Crescendo Biologics has developed CB307, a groundbreaking first-in-class, half-life extended, CD137 x PSMA bispecific treatment for solid tumours with PSMA-positive receptors. CB307 was created with Crescendo’s Humabody® VH platform, which uses transgenic mice to produce fully human VH domain building blocks.

This revolutionary treatment promises to deliver a more durable and powerful T cell response to cancer, while avoiding potential systemic toxicity. Clinical trials already underway (NCT04839991), CB307 could revolutionize how we fight cancer, offering a safer and more effective way to do so.

About Crescendo Biologics

Crescendo Biologics is paving the way in immuno-oncology. Our highly innovative, clinical stage research focuses on developing novel, targeted T cell-enhancing Humabody® therapeutics to revolutionize the field of cancer treatment. We are transforming the possibilities of the fight against cancer.

Crescendo Biologics is revolutionizing cancer treatment with its leading-edge proprietary pipeline. Developed by skilled biotechnologists, CB307 is a groundbreaking half-life extended CD137 x PSMA Humabody, designed to specifically activate tumour-specific T cells and limit their impact to the tumour microenvironment. This cutting-edge technology creates a powerful new weapon in the fight against cancer.

At NovelVax, we understand the power of transforming science into life-changing therapies. Our revolutionary, patent-protected transgenic mouse platform enables us to develop multi-functional Humabody therapeutics comprised of fully human VH domain building blocks that are engineered to precisely target therapeutic pathways.

As a result, these Humabody-based formats showcase superior bio-distribution and larger therapeutic windows than traditional IgG approaches, with diverse applications across a range of non-cancer indications.

Crescendo Biologics is taking strides to advance its pipeline, and has established several partnerships and agreements to further its research goals. The Company has collaborated with both Takeda and BioNTech on multi-target discovery and development, and obtained exclusive, worldwide licensing from Zai Lab for ZL-1102 (formerly CB001 – an anti-IL-17A Humabody), which is anticipated to enter global Phase 2 clinical trials in patients with psoriasis.

Crescendo Biologics, located in the bustling metropolis of Cambridge, has earned the backing of some of the world’s most prominent investors, including Sofinnova Partners, Andera Partners, IP Group, BioNTech, Takeda, Quan Capital and Kreos Capital. This is a testament to its impressive capabilities and potential to revolutionize the biotechnology industry.

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