Discover Innate Pharma’s Latest Share and Voting Rights Update – May 1, 2023

Innate Pharma SA (Euronext Paris: IPH; Nasdaq: IPHA) (“Innate” or the “Company”) is pleased to announce the total number of shares outstanding and voting rights as at May 1, 2023, in accordance with the article L. 233-8 II of the French “Code de Commerce” and the article 223-16 of the French stock-market authorities (Autorité des Marchés Financiers, or “AMF”) General Regulation.

The total number of theoretical voting rights, which is used as the basis for calculating the crossing of shareholding thresholds, includes voting rights attached to AGAP 2016 – 130 voting rights for the AGAP 2016-1 and 111 voting rights for the AGAP 2016-2.

However, no voting rights are attached to AGAP 2017. This calculation is in accordance with Article 223-11 of the AMF General Regulation, which takes into account all shares with attached voting rights, including those with suspended voting rights.

The total exercisable voting rights (or “net” voting rights) available to shareholders have been released to ensure that the market is appropriately informed, in accordance with the recommendation from the AMF on July 17, 2007. This calculation does not take into account any shares held in treasury by the Company with suspended voting rights.

About Innate Pharma

Innate Pharma S.A. is a pioneering biotechnology company that is revolutionizing cancer treatment through its cutting-edge immunotherapies. By leveraging its proprietary ANKET® (Antibody-based NK cell Engager Therapeutics) platform, Innate Pharma is aiming to tap into the power of the innate immune system to pave the way for more effective treatments for patients worldwide.

Innate’s remarkable portfolio features its lead proprietary program, lacutamab, designed for advanced forms of cutaneous and peripheral T cell lymphomas, and monalizumab, developed in conjunction with AstraZeneca for treating non-small cell lung cancer. The company is also pioneering ANKET® multi-specific NK cell engagers to target multiple tumor types.

Innate Pharma is a trusted partner dedicated to accelerating innovation in biopharmaceuticals to benefit patients. Working with top companies such as Sanofi and AstraZeneca, as well as leading research institutions, Innate Pharma strives to bring the latest advances in medicine to those in need.

Innate Pharma, a biotechnology company headquartered in Marseille, France with a US office in Rockville, MD, has made a name for itself on the global stage. The company is listed on both Euronext Paris and Nasdaq in the US, showing its dedication to innovation and growth.

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