Discover the Power of NeoGenomics’ RaDaR(R) Molecular Residual Disease Test!

NeoGenomics, Inc. (NASDAQ:NEO) is thrilled to announce the commercial launch of its highly anticipated liquid biopsy test, RaDaR®, for molecular/minimal residual disease (MRD). RaDaR is designed to detect ctDNA, or the trace amounts of circulating tumor DNA, that remain post-treatment. Recent research, including the CHiRP study presented at ASCO 2022 and the TRACER and cTRAK-TN study cohorts presented at the SABCS conference, have affirmed the clinical utility of RaDaR, particularly in the breast cancer space. We are excited to bring this innovative tool to clinicians and patients seeking to monitor cancer and detect recurrence.

The RaDaR assay is revolutionizing oncology diagnostics by allowing oncologists to detect even small amounts of cancer cells with greater precision and much earlier than ever before. This cutting-edge technology has the potential to drastically improve treatment decisions, resulting in better patient outcomes. NeoGenomics’ CEO Chris Smith recognizes the importance of this breakthrough and is proud to be leading the way in the fight against cancer.

The RaDaR test can be an invaluable tool for clinicians when it comes to treating cancer patients. It can help them assess how much residual disease remains after curative-intent therapy or surgery, enabling them to make informed treatment decisions and detect recurrent disease before it’s too late. With the RaDaR test, clinicians can be ahead of the game in the fight against cancer.

In the past year, the revolutionary RaDaR assay has been made available to U.S. clinicians, allowing them to order it for their breast, colorectal, lung, and head and neck cancer patients. This groundbreaking assay has already proven successful in multiple clinical research studies and pharmaceutical collaborations, and is now available to help make a difference in the lives of cancer patients everywhere.

About RaDaR®

RaDaR® is a revolutionary technology that can detect minimal residual disease (MRD) and signs of recurrence in cancer patients. It uses a personalized, tumor-informed assay to track up to 48 tumor-specific variants found in cell-free DNA from the patient’s blood plasma. Validated for clinical use in breast, colorectal, head and neck, as well as lung cancers, RaDaR® is the ideal solution for early detection of relapse and for monitoring MRD after curative intent or definitive treatment.

At RaDaR, we’re revolutionizing diagnostics with an advanced workflow that personalizes panels for each patient, and analyzes results with proprietary algorithms for an exceptionally sensitive test with a groundbreaking limit of detection of 0.001%. This cutting-edge technology is revolutionizing the way we diagnose conditions and diseases.

The RaDaR assay is a revolutionary laboratory-developed test that has been granted Breakthrough Device Designation by the US FDA for use in the early detection of minimal residual disease (MRD) in cancer patients. With the CE mark for MRD and recurrence detection, RaDaR is the perfect tool for pharmaceutical and biotechnological companies in the development of cancer treatments, from early to late stages.

About NeoGenomics, Inc.

NeoGenomics, Inc. is at the forefront of the fight against cancer, providing innovative cancer genetics testing and information services that are helping physicians diagnose and treat the disease. With one of the most comprehensive oncology-focused testing menus in the world, they are leading the way in advancing the science and technology of cancer care.

At NeoGenomics, we are dedicated to helping cancer patients today and tomorrow access potentially life-changing treatments and clinical trials. We strive to ensure that everyone’s data is protected and secure, adhering to all relevant state and federal laws, providing transparency and choice in data handling, and investing in the latest technologies. Together with our partners, we are determined to make a difference in the fight against cancer.

Headquartered in Fort Myers, FL, NeoGenomics is a leader in clinical laboratory services, with eight CAP accredited and CLIA certified laboratories located across the United States and in Europe and Asia. Our laboratories provide advanced testing services to pathologists, oncologists, academic centers, hospital systems, pharmaceutical firms, integrated service delivery networks, and managed care organizations. From our locations in Florida, California, North Carolina, Texas, Georgia, Tennessee, the UK, Switzerland, and China, we are committed to providing the highest quality testing and research support to our clients.

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