Elevating Expertise: Pleco Therapeutics Welcomes Dr. Henno Welgemoed as Chief Medical Officer

Unlocking New Horizons: Pleco Therapeutics Appoints Dr. Henno Welgemoed as Chief Medical Officer

Nijmegen, The Netherlands – 5 September 2023 – In a significant move, Pleco Therapeutics BV, a trailblazing pharmaceutical company pioneering cutting-edge Plecoid™ therapies to detoxify the cancer microenvironment, proudly introduces Dr. Henno Welgemoed as its inaugural Chief Medical Officer (CMO). Dr. Welgemoed assumes a pivotal role within the company’s global leadership team, overseeing the strategic direction of clinical development activities.

A seasoned physician with 15 years of clinical experience and over two decades in the pharmaceutical realm, Dr. Welgemoed takes the helm in advancing the clinical study for Pleco’s flagship candidate, PTX-252. This groundbreaking therapy targets the treatment of Acute Myeloid Leukaemia (AML), with clinical phase II trials set to commence in 2024. Dr. Welgemoed will also lead the charge in shaping the clinical study design for other Plecoid™ candidates in preclinical assessment, with a focus on combating formidable cancers like Small-Cell Lung Cancer (SCLC) and pancreatic cancer.

Dr. Welgemoed’s extensive clinical background encompasses general medicine, with specialized expertise in haematology-oncology, infectious disease, immunology, and rare diseases. Throughout his illustrious career, he has held diverse roles spanning commercial ventures, new business development, and global medical affairs.

His journey to Pleco Therapeutics originates from his role as the global director of Medical Affairs at the Clinigen Group, where he spent the past seven years, initially based in the UK and later relocating from South Africa. Dr. Welgemoed obtained his medical degree (MBChB) from the esteemed University of Pretoria.

Ivo Timmermans, Chief Executive Officer of Pleco Therapeutics, shared his enthusiasm for this new addition, stating, “I am thrilled to welcome Dr. Henno Welgemoed to the Pleco Therapeutics family as our Chief Medical Officer. With his deep expertise in haemato-oncology and a vast network among the world’s leading experts, Henno will be a great asset to our team now that we advance our novel cancer therapies through clinical trials.

His expertise, spanning from preclinical research to clinical implementation, aligns seamlessly with our mission. We have patient care at heart, and I am confident that under Henno’s leadership and vision, our commitment to develop innovative solutions for the most difficult-to-treat types of cancer will be strengthened.”

Dr. Henno Welgemoed, the newly appointed Chief Medical Officer of Pleco Therapeutics, shared his excitement, stating, ‘’I am very excited to join the Pleco Therapeutics team as CMO to support and accelerate the bench to bedside development of Plecoid™ therapies to improve outcomes for patients.’’

Plecoid™ therapies represent a paradigm shift in cancer treatment, encompassing chelating agents with unique characteristics. These therapies have the potential to rebalance protein expression within the cancer microenvironment, eliminating toxic metals within the cell and thereby enhancing the efficacy of existing chemotherapy.

About Pleco Therapeutics

Pleco Therapeutics, a trailblazing clinical-stage specialty pharmaceutical company, is on a relentless quest to redefine the future of cancer treatment. At its core lies a commitment to extending the lives and enhancing the quality of life for patients battling this formidable disease.

Pleco’s pioneering Plecoid™ therapies are poised to revolutionize cancer care by exponentially boosting the efficacy of current treatments. These groundbreaking therapies hold the potential to rebalance protein expression within the cancer microenvironment, liberating cells from the shackles of toxic metals and unleashing the full power of existing chemotherapy regimens.

Headquartered in the vibrant city of Nijmegen, the Netherlands, Pleco Therapeutics operates with unwavering dedication. It is complemented by its U.S. subsidiary, Pleco Therapeutics USA Inc., strategically situated in Newark, New Jersey.

In their relentless pursuit of medical breakthroughs, Pleco Therapeutics is leading the charge towards a brighter, healthier future for cancer patients worldwide.

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