Empowering Pain Relief: Medtronic’s Inceptiv™ Spinal Cord Stimulator Secures CE Mark Approval, Paving the Way for Innovative Chronic Pain Treatment

“Unveiling a New Era of Pain Relief: Medtronic’s Inceptiv™ SCS Revolutionizes Therapy with Innovative Closed-Loop Technology”

Dublin, August 25, 2023—A groundbreaking chapter in pain management emerges as Medtronic plc (NYSE:MDT), a global trailblazer in healthcare technology, secures the highly coveted CE (Conformité Européenne) Mark approval for its game-changing creation—the Inceptiv™ closed-loop rechargeable spinal cord stimulator (SCS). With a touch of magic, this marks a historic first—Medtronic’s inaugural SCS device equipped with a closed-loop feature that has the uncanny ability to sense and adapt to each individual’s unique biological signals. Brace yourselves for a therapeutic revelation that dances in harmony with the rhythm of daily life.

Imagine a symphony where technology orchestrates relief. The Inceptiv™ SCS steps onto the stage, ready to perform its unique symphony of relief. A beacon of innovation, it listens intently to the body’s intricate signals, composing a treatment that resonates with life’s every movement. It’s not just a device—it’s a partner, attuned to every nuance, anticipating needs with unparalleled precision.

Enter the world of spinal cord stimulators—a realm where gentle electrical impulses play a disruptive melody, silencing pain signals before they reach the mind. But what about life’s choreography? Movements that sometimes trigger discomfort? In the past, some patients muted their device’s output, diminishing their therapy’s potential.

Enter Inceptiv—a technological marvel that listens and responds, a staggering 50 times per second, to the body’s neural chorus. It’s the conductor of a seamless orchestra, lowering stimulation when the body signals distress and elevating it when harmony is restored. A dance of therapy that mirrors life’s ups and downs, making it as consistent as the rising sun.

Dr. Dirk Rasche, a visionary from the Department of Neurosurgery at the University Hospital of Schleswig-Holstein in Lübeck, Germany, paints the picture. A picture where fixed-output spinal cord stimulation bows to the whims of movement, where distance between spinal cord and implanted epidural leads fluctuates. Inceptiv’s closed-loop prowess takes center stage—a performance that promises consistency, efficacy, and a reduced need for manual adjustments. It’s the dawn of a new era, a revolution that reshapes the landscape of SCS therapy.

But how does it all work? Enter ECAPs—Evoked Compound Action Potentials. A symphony born from decades of research, they unlock the spinal cord’s secrets. It’s real-time information, a peek into the neural response to electrical stimuli. In clinical symphonies, 9 out of 10 patients crowned the closed-loop setting as the champion.

Medtronic’s legacy of pioneering innovation shines bright. Ash Sharan, M.D., the visionary Chief Medical Officer of Neuromodulation, part of Medtronic’s Neuroscience Portfolio, echoes the sentiment. “This approval ushers in a new era of pain relief,” he declares. It’s the dawn of a personalized symphony, a testament to the rhythm of each patient’s unique biology.

Inceptiv isn’t just another device—it’s a revolution. It boasts full-body 1.5T and 3T MRI access, a rare privilege among SCS systems. A thin masterpiece at just 6mm, it dances with the benefits of Medtronic’s proprietary DTM™ spinal cord stimulation. And charging its battery? A mere hour.

As the world embraces the dawn of this technological marvel, it’s a reminder that innovation isn’t just about progress—it’s about rewriting the rules of possibility. Inceptiv™ SCS system, prepare for your grand entrance into the lives of those yearning for respite. An orchestra of relief, where science and life perform a harmonious duet.

Sensing signals may not be measurable in all cases. Under certain conditions. Refer to product labeling for a full list of conditions.

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