Enveric Biosciences Achieves a Milestone: Crafting the Future of Medicine with EB-373 for Accelerating Preclinical Advancements!

Breaking New Horizons: Enveric Biosciences (NASDAQ: ENVB) Ushers in a New Era of Healing in CAMBRIDGE, Mass. A Symphony of Innovation and Dedication Unveiled!

Enveric Biosciences, a visionary force in biotechnology, has ignited a revolution in the realm of neuroplastogenic small-molecule therapeutics. Their mission? To vanquish the shadows of anxiety, depression, and addiction disorders. Today, a resounding announcement echoes through the scientific corridors: Enveric has triumphantly completed the crafting of drug material for EB-373, unlocking the gateway to a new preclinical frontier. This heralds the dawn of a phase marked by bioanalytical method validation, GLP toxicology, and GLP safety pharmacology studies—all painstakingly orchestrated to illuminate the path forward.

With the stage set for brilliance, Enveric stands poised to usher in the human trials for EB-373. The final crescendo is near, as the company charges ahead with the remaining GLP studies, forging an unbreakable bridge to the initiation of human trials. Anticipation hums in the air, a symphony of possibility crescendoing towards the climax of scientific discovery. Enveric envisions the completion of all preclinical studies essential for Human Research Ethics Committee (HREC) submission in Australia before the curtain falls on 2023.

A tale of collaboration unfolds as Enveric and its contract development and manufacturing organization (CDMO) partner join forces. Together, they have woven an intricate tapestry of optimization and scalability for the EB-373 manufacturing process. The result? A masterpiece—a sub-kilogram quantity of EB-373 salt form boasting a staggering 99% purity. The symphony swells with pride as Enveric unveils a revelation: Their meticulously crafted drug product harbors not a trace of controlled impurities, a testament to the heights of purity they’ve achieved. With this triumph, the shackles of restrictive limitations fade into the past, allowing EB-373 to flow freely, unburdened by the constraints of controlled substances.

Joseph Tucker, Ph.D., Director and CEO of Enveric, stands at the forefront of this symphonic journey. His words resound like a triumphant overture: “We proudly showcase the artistry of our formulation and manufacturing team, a harmonious collaboration that sets the stage for EB-373’s debut in initial clinical trials. With the chains of controlled substance regulations cast aside, our researchers and partners are empowered to work with unparalleled efficiency, becoming the architects of our future clinical triumphs.”

In this tale of science and ambition, Enveric Biosciences orchestrates not just a journey, but a masterpiece that reverberates with the promise of brighter tomorrows.

About EB-373

Step into the world of Enveric’s groundbreaking innovation: EB-373, a cutting-edge New Chemical Entity (NCE) that holds the promise of revolutionizing anxiety disorder treatment. Imagine a next-generation proprietary psilocin prodrug, meticulously crafted using Enveric’s ingenious Psybrary™ drug discovery platform. Picture this: in preclinical studies, EB-373 emerges as a true marvel, displaying prodrug prowess with lightning speed. It swiftly conjures psilocin into existence, whether in the controlled environment of a lab dish or when whispered to the senses through an oral journey.

But that’s not all. Imagine the scene as mice under the spell of EB-373 unveil a mesmerizing dance of the senses – a dose-dependent choreography of head twitch responses that pays homage to the very essence of psilocin’s allure. Behold the Marble Burying Test, an intricate tale of anxiety told through the lens of animal behavior. In this narrative, EB-373 emerges as the hero, dashing to the rescue of chronically stressed mice buried under the weight of their worries. With a flourish, it restores balance, erasing the markers of anxiety and ushering in a symphony of calm that stretches into the horizon of a 7-day study.

Enveric’s vision becomes reality through EB-373, a beacon of innovation that promises not just moments of respite, but a canvas of enduring tranquility.

About Enveric Biosciences

Enveric Biosciences (NASDAQ: ENVB) stands at the forefront of biotechnology, an avant-garde crusader committed to crafting revolutionary neuroplastogenic small-molecule therapies. Their unwavering focus is on breathing life into a new era of hope for those grappling with anxiety, depression, and addiction disorders. Illuminating the path with their trailblazing discovery and development realm known as The Psybrary™, Enveric has masterminded an intellectual treasure trove, a collection of New Chemical Entities poised to reshape mental health therapeutics.

Emerging as a shining star from this constellation of innovation is Enveric’s lead program, the EVM201 Series. This series dances on the edge of possibility, featuring the EVM201 synthetic prodrugs, a symphony of potential derived from the mystical metabolite, psilocin. Watch closely, for Enveric is orchestrating the birth of EB-373, a beacon of promise for those ensnared by anxiety disorders. But that’s not all – the grand stage also houses the EVM301 Series, a daring expedition into the uncharted territories of mental health treatment. This audacious endeavor promises a revolutionary approach, a key to unlock the shackles of elusive mental health maladies, all while steering clear of the hallways of hallucination.

Nestled amidst the artistic landscapes of Naples, FL, with harmonious echoes resonating from offices in Cambridge, MA, and Calgary, AB Canada, Enveric’s saga is one painted with resilience and driven by a fervent desire to rewrite the stories of minds and souls.

Forward-Looking Statements

This press release dares to look ahead, embracing the realm of possibilities and the dance of anticipation, guided by the rhythm of applicable securities laws. Within its essence, it carries the whispers of future events and the melody of future performances. All words, save those etched in historical parchment, stand as potential harbingers of what is to come, clad in the robe of forward-looking language.

Gaze upon these utterances, and you shall find the footprints of “plans” and the shadows of “expectations,” woven into a tapestry of prospect. Like a constellation of stars, they may foretell the “proposed,” the “budgets,” the “estimates” – or sing the refrain of “anticipation,” like a serenade to the unknown. In the chamber of possibility, where actions, events, and outcomes waltz in harmony, these verses beckon us to ponder.

For nestled in the heart of these expressions lies the essence of management’s belief, the orchestrations of assumptions, and the symphony of available information. Yet, like the flutter of a butterfly’s wing altering the course of destiny, the actual might diverge from the contemplations of these forward-looking statements. A multitude of factors, both seen and hidden, could play their role in this grand performance – the success of clinical endeavors, the embrace of technical advancements, the weaving of collaborations, the granting of governmental nods.

Ah, the canvas is vast, and the colors ever-shifting. Will the brushstrokes of potential products bear the hues of efficacy and safety? Will the canvas be adorned with the brushstrokes of success in clinical trials, collaborations, and approvals? The artistry of Enveric’s journey unfolds, entwining with the ebb and flow of time.

But, let it be known – a tome of caution is also written in these pages. It speaks of the challenges, the gusts of uncertainty, the tides of change. The wisdom of Enveric’s musings resides in its filings with the Guardians of Regulation, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), chronicled in the Annual Report on Form 10-K, and echoed through the Quarterly Reports on Form 10-Q. The curtain falls upon any intention or obligation to rewrite the script of forward-looking statements, save for the scribe of law’s command.

Thus, the tale unfolds, a saga of foresight and the enigma of tomorrow.

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