European Patent Office Scraps Regenlab’s PRP Patents – Breaking News from Estar Medical

Estar Medical® has had a string of successes this month in its efforts to invalidate Regenlab’s original patent for platelet rich plasma (PRP) at the European Patent Office (EPO). After the EPO’s Opposition Division revoked a different Regenlab PRP patent, Estar Medical® has now seen a second ruling by the EPO revoking the original Regenlab PRP patent – an outcome that was echoed by the UK Courts, which held the patent to be invalid due to lack of novelty and inventive step.

Estar Medical is thrilled to announce that on January 10, 2023, the Board of Appeal of the EPO officially revoked Regen Lab SA’s platelet rich plasma (PRP) patent for lack of inventive step. After an opposition was filed in 2017, the EPO’s Opposition Division followed suit in April 2019 and revoked the patent. Regenlab appealed the decision, but the EPO Board of Appeal dismissed the appeal and confirmed the revocation of the original PRP patent. This is an exciting milestone for Estar Medical and the medical industry as a whole.

“It is with great satisfaction that Estar Medical, a global leader in the field of PRP, Regenerative Medicine and Autologous Cell Therapy, announces the EPO ruling that the Regenlab PRP patent was not valid and should never have been granted. This decision follows our own confident conviction and is further affirmed by the UK High Court’s revocation of the patent. This significant win at the EPO marks another successful milestone in our mission to become a worldwide leader in the field.”

On January 4, 2023, the Opposition Division of the EPO delivered a major blow to Regenlab by revoking its patent for blood collection tubes for the preparation of PRP (European Patent No 3111974 B1). This marked yet another setback for the company in its efforts to monopolize the PRP market.

We are delighted by the European Patent Office’s ruling to revoke two of Regenlab’s invalid patents, which reinforces Estar Medical’s innovative position and paves the way for further growth and expansion in the global PRP market. Aaron Esteron, CEO of Estar Medical, expressed his enthusiasm for the decision.

About Estar Medical 

Estar Medical is a cutting-edge international medical device company that delivers powerful biologics, cell therapy and platelet rich plasma solutions under the renowned TROPOCELLS®, CELLENIS® and other related brands. With a patented technology, they enable physicians to easily separate and concentrate growth factors from the patient’s blood, thus providing the ability to build new tissues and enhance natural wound healing. Committed to excellence, Estar Medical provides superior proprietary products and protects its partners, distributors and global clients by enforcing its intellectual property rights.

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