Eversana® Joins Forces with ChemoMouthpiece to Combat Cancer-Related Oral Mucositis in the U.S.

EVERSANA® and ChemoMouthpiece, LLC are thrilled to announce their new partnership, which will bring the Chemo Mouthpiece™ medical device to oncology patients throughout the United States.

The Chemo Mouthpiece™ is an innovative device designed to help reduce the side effects of chemotherapy treatments. With EVERSANA’s industry-leading commercialization services, the Chemo Mouthpiece™ will soon be available to those who need it most.

The Chemo Mouthpiece™ is an innovative way to help chemotherapy patients manage and treat oral mucositis, a painful side effect of chemotherapy. By delivering cryotherapy to the oral cavity, it can reduce the incidence and severity of oral mucositis, allowing patients to keep their treatment on track without disruption to their daily lives.

Recently granted Breakthrough Device Designation by the FDA, the Chemo Mouthpiece™ is a revolutionary tool that can help make chemotherapy treatments more tolerable.

EVERSANA is thrilled to partner with the Chemo Mouthpiece™ to provide comprehensive commercialization services for its launch in the U.S. Our services include market access strategy, compliance and regulatory services, patient services, field deployment solutions, data and analytics, pricing strategy and 3PL distribution services – all essential components of any successful product launch.

At ChemoMouthpiece, we are passionate about making a positive impact on the lives of patients undergoing chemotherapy treatment. Our patented technology is a major step forward in improving the quality of life for these patients. We are proud to partner with EVERSANA, who specialize in full-service commercialization, to bring this innovative product to market.

When David Yoskowitz, founder and CEO of Chemo Mouthpiece™, was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, he experienced oral mucositis firsthand. To mitigate and minimize the pain, his treatment options included ice chips, but they weren’t effective – they caused nausea, were difficult to maintain in his mouth, and didn’t cool the entire oral cavity.

This inspired him to create the Chemo Mouthpiece™ device, a better option for managing the pain and discomfort of oral mucositis.

As an engineer, he was driven to find a better way for cancer patients to manage oral mucositis during treatment. He created the Chemo Mouthpiece™, a device that efficiently cools the entire oral cavity.

Patients can freeze the device at home and take it with them during treatment, providing a simple solution to a difficult problem. With the Chemo Mouthpiece™, patients can have relief during chemotherapy treatments in the comfort of their own homes or at the hospital.

“We are thrilled to be partnering with EVERSANA as we work to bring the Chemo Mouthpiece™ to market,” said Yoskowitz. “Not only do they have the expertise and experience required to successfully commercialize medical devices, especially within the oncology space, but they are driven by a commitment to patient-centered care and have a passion for creating a healthier world. This is what sets EVERSANA apart and makes them the perfect partner for us.”

About ChemoMouthpiece, LLC

ChemoMouthpiece, LLC is revolutionizing the way cancer patients receive cryotherapy. Founded by CEO David Yoskowitz, the company was born out of his own struggles with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma and the debilitating effects of mouth pain caused by oral mucositis.

After trying traditional treatments such as ice chips, he created the Chemo Mouthpiece™ which delivers the cooling relief of cryotherapy to the areas of the mouth that need it most. The device recently received FDA Breakthrough Device Designation and is set to launch in 2023 – bringing relief to cancer patients nationwide.


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