Exciting News: Uvax Bio Welcomes Dr. Pedro Garbes as Global Medical Lead VP!

WILMINGTON, Del.—In a groundbreaking move, Uvax Bio LLC, the trailblazing vaccine biotechnology firm renowned for its cutting-edge 1c-SApNP® vaccine design platform, has welcomed Dr. Pedro Garbes, MD., as its Vice President, Global Medical Lead. Uvax Bio’s revolutionary approach harnesses protein-based VLP vaccines to combat global health threats posed by viruses.

Dr. Garbes’s arrival comes at a pivotal moment, coinciding with the advancing development of Uvax Bio’s recombinant protein nanoparticle vaccines. At the helm of medical, clinical, and regulatory efforts, he will steer the company’s flagship HIV-1 vaccine through its phase I clinical trials while charting the course for numerous preclinical-stage vaccines in Uvax’s ambitious pipeline.

“Exciting times lie ahead with Pedro joining our leadership ranks as we gear up to propel our lead vaccines into the next phase of development. With Dr. Garbes’s expert clinical guidance, Uvax Bio is set to fine-tune our portfolio and strategic initiatives while advancing our promising vaccine pipeline, addressing critical global health needs. Pedro’s wealth of expertise in infectious diseases, HIV medicine, and strategic vaccine development will prove invaluable as we advance our vaccines into human trials,” declared Ji Li, Ph.D., Chief Executive Officer at Uvax Bio.

Dr. Pedro Garbes brings an impressive two-decade track record in the life sciences arena, specializing in clinical vaccine development, medical affairs, and medical/commercial strategy. His recent role as Senior Vice President at Gritstone Bio saw him spearheading clinical development for Gritstone’s self-amplifying mRNA platform, aimed at tackling viral adversaries.

Dr. Garbes also served as the Global Clinical Head and Global Medicines Lead at AstraZeneca, where he played a pivotal role in the development of their COVID-19 monoclonal antibodies combination. Notably, he held the position of Senior Medical Director for Takeda Vaccines, and his career journey includes stints with industry giants like Sanofi-Pasteur, Allergan, and GlaxoSmithKline.

Dr. Pedro Garbes is a distinguished alumnus of Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro, where he earned his Doctor of Medicine and Masters degrees. He later assumed the role of Assistant Professor and Lecturer in Medicine at Universidad Federal Fluminense in Brazil. Notably, he also imparted his knowledge as a Lecturer at the University of California, San Diego, focusing on Clinical Trials Administration.

“I am thrilled to embark on this journey with Uvax Bio, and I eagerly anticipate collaborating with our talented management team to drive our vaccines closer to the market. I’m genuinely excited about the revolutionary 1c-SA-pNP vaccine development platform and its potential to offer comprehensive and enduring protection against formidable infectious diseases. Guiding the clinical development of the company’s diverse vaccine programs is a challenge I’m eager to embrace,” shared Dr. Garbes with enthusiasm.

About Uvax Bio

In a remarkable fusion of scientific genius and entrepreneurial ambition, Uvax Bio emerges as a pioneering vaccine company born from the hallowed halls of Scripps Research. Driven by the visionary brilliance of Dr. Jiang Zhu, Uvax Bio wields the transformative might of the proprietary Single component-Self Assembling protein Nanoparticle, or 1c-SApNP® platform. This groundbreaking technology is the key to crafting cutting-edge prophylactic vaccines poised to tackle the most daunting infectious diseases of our time.

Hold onto your seats because Uvax Bio isn’t just breaking barriers; they’re shattering them! With exclusive global rights to the 1c-SApNP platform and a rapidly expanding arsenal of 12 patented preclinical vaccine candidates, this company is a force to be reckoned with. Beyond their trailblazing work on HIV, Uvax is on a mission to revolutionize the fight against Universal Flu and RSV, promising hope on a global scale.

But what’s the secret sauce behind their success? It’s the remarkable capability of their technology to produce virus-like protein particles, adorned with 20-60 prefusion stabilized antigens, a formidable arsenal against a wide array of viral and bacterial foes. The best part? This innovation unfolds through a single, universal, cell-based manufacturing process, streamlining vaccine production like never before.

Uvax Bio isn’t just developing vaccines; they’re engineering a revolution in global health. Stay tuned for the next chapter in their awe-inspiring journey!

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