Explore New Markets with Humanetics Biomed’s Expanded Outsource Manufacturing Capabilities

Humanetics Biomed is an innovative Contract Development Manufacturing Organisation (CDMO) that utilises the latest biomedical technologies and precise lasered components and subcomponents from Humanetics to research, develop, and manufacture top-notch medical devices for the marketplace.

Humanetics Biomed has been an integral part of the wide-reaching Humanetics industrial technology group for the last half of a century. During this time, they have dedicated themselves to providing top-of-the-line strain gauge sensors, material processing, laser micromachining, optical fiber processing and fiber optics services for customers of all sizes – from small start-ups to some of the most well known medical companies in the world. With their commitment to customer excellence, they are poised to bring the best possible industrial solutions for years to come.

Headquartered in Michigan, Humanetics Biomed sets itself apart with its expansive manufacturing capabilities. Boasting 140,000 sq. ft of facilities and a dedicated workforce of 300, the company’s six production locations across the United States, Europe (UK), and Asia (Sri Lanka and China) allow it to reach a wide global audience.

At Humanetics Biomed, we offer a range of innovative solutions and applications to meet your needs. From personalized care to preventive healthcare, our groundbreaking products and services will help you stay on top of your health. With our cutting-edge technology, you can rest assured that you have the resources you need to stay safe and healthy. Let us help you unlock your body’s potential!

Specialty optical fibers, sensors, probes and laser power delivery can be used to make the world around us more efficient, precise and safe. From medical and laboratory applications to environmental and industrial processes, these technologies are increasingly relied upon to provide detailed measurements and optimized results.

With the benefit of accurate feedback and specialized equipment, we can benefit from the advancements in optics and laser technology to collaborate on ever more innovative projects.

Discover the power of custom force, load and infusion pump sensors and harness their ability to boost performance and accuracy in your application. These tailored-made sensors provide you with the most precise readings and the ability to monitor the slightest changes in force and load, while the infusion pump ensures seamless delivery of fluids at the most ideal rates. Unlock their potential and experience unparalleled success with sensors designed just for you.

Torque transducers are essential components of advanced surgical and orthopaedic tools, delivering precision, accuracy and control to delicate and intricate medical procedures. Their engineering enables surgeons to perform procedures with confidence, improving outcomes, safety and precision for patients.

Precision laser machining is revolutionizing the medical sector with highly detailed creations of stents, hypotubes, ceramics, polymers and even rare metals. Whether it’s creating intricate contours in medical products or expanding the limits of the medical industry, precision laser machining is pushing the boundaries of what’s possible.

Optical fiber processing can be an exciting and rewarding activity. Whether you are stripping, cleaving, or lensing, each step will challenge and intrigue you as you explore the world of fiber optics. Immerse yourself in the finer details of this craft to produce a finished product of the highest quality that you can be proud of.

We offer reliable, safe, and comprehensive packaging solutions with accompanying closed container integrity testing (CCIT) for all your needs. Our rigorous testing procedures ensure that your items stay securely sealed, ensuring your products remain safe and protected during transport. Our turnkey services allow you to rest easy knowing that your products are in good hands.

Automate your processes for optimum scalability and exceptional quality control! Unlock higher productivity and improved results with machine automation, enabling you to drive transformation and reap the rewards of rapid, reliable, accurate, and cost-effective processes.

OpTek, a part of Humanetics Biomed, is proud to announce their multi-year strategic agreement with the globally renowned David Schnur Associates (DSA). This groundbreaking partnership offers customers unbeatable support from process validation to production, leveraging two decades of experience in precision laser micromachining engineering.

OpTek’s technology is set to revolutionise the medical industry through their diverse range of laser wavelengths that can provide optimised and accurate perforations in microtubing, balloons and other polymer components for filtration and drug dosing control.

The miniaturization of medical devices has created an increased need for precise, tight-tolerance components with complex features occupying minimal space – and this is where laser processing comes in.

As Barry Schnur, CEO of DSA, notes, laser processing has been an integral part of some of the largest transactions in the medical device OEM space in recent years. Therefore, it is no wonder laser processing technology has evolved to meet the demand for ultra-precise devices.

Through the partnership between DSA and OpTek, both companies have an opportunity to provide value to new customers in high-growth markets and regions. Combining DSA’s expansive customer base and biomedical expertise with OpTek’s specialized micromachining and optical fiber processing knowledge, this collaboration is set to tackle complex challenges for the benefit of all parties involved. Bruce Valentine, OpTek’s Global Managing Director, is enthusiastic about the joint venture and looks forward to the exciting work ahead.

About Humanetics

Humanetics is a driving force in the industrial technology realm, pushing the boundaries of safety and simulation with their comprehensive suite of solutions. Equipping their global network of over 26 facilities with precision sensors, fiber optics, cutting-edge laser material engineering, and of course their famed crash test dummies (ATDs), Humanetics has successfully built a team of 950 professionals located all around the world, with their corporate headquarters situated in Farmington Hills, Michigan, USA.

About OpTek Systems

Based in Oxford, U.K., OpTekhas become renowned for their innovative laser processing solutions. Their expertise in lasers, optics and laser/material interactions – combined with a focus on automation – has enabled them to revolutionize the industry. To better serve their customers, they have expanded and now also operate from facilities in Dongguan, China; Boston, Massachusetts; and Greenville, South Carolina.

About DSA

DSA has been an industry leader for 45 years, providing world-class technical sales and development services for medical device components and devices. Our experienced consulting team works hand-in-hand with your design, engineering and manufacturing teams to provide customized solutions. Additionally, our vast global partner network ensures that our clients have access to the highest quality materials for any project.

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